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HAPPY U.S. OPEN from Park Country Club!

For all you golf lovers out there! We hope you are enjoying the U.S. Open! Here's an image for you!

This was done at Park Country Club. Nick and Lauren had their photo session at the Club. It was great! We got to go all over the course in golf carts with the wedding party. This was done on one of the fairways. (there were no golfers on this one). All we wanted was for the wedding party to walk toward us with Nick and Lauren leading the way. This green was perfect because the club house was in the background. And it is such a beautiful club house. 

There is really no set up or posing for a shot like this. We just made sure the Bride and Groom were always leading the way in center. Then it's up to everyone else to have fun. Everyone was talking, laughing, and looking around. The Groomsmen were telling jokes! We had Nick and Lauren hold hands. They were laughing and looking at eachother. It was exactly what we wanted! Everyone did an awesome job!

So, who do you think will be this years U.S. Open winner?? 


Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Ceremony: Church of the Assumption in Buffalo

Photo Session: Park Country Club

Reception: Salvatore's Italian Gardens


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