"I've seen better shots than that"

Danielle and Paul's engagement photo shoot took place exactly where Paul proposed to Danielle a few months ago.  It was great to finally shoot Danielle and Paul.  I often see them as guests at other peoples weddings.  Now they get their chance to be in the spot light.  During the photo shoot we got a heckler, a guy jogging through the park yelled out "I've seen better shots than that".... Obviously he wasn't looking through my lens!


The Corpse Bride and her Zombie Bridal Party

Gina and Michael had a Halloween themed wedding.  They LOVED the idea to do their photos at a cemetery.  It took a couple days of location scouting to find the perfect cemetery.  Old, nearly abandoned, fallen tomb stones, middle of nowhere and spooky looking... Add a couple camera tricks and there you have it!  I'll be honest I got a lot of chills shooting here.  It was a lot of fun and a shoot that everyone involved will never forget.

Happy Halloween from Neal Urban Photography!



It's Showtime!

Erica and Nick had a "Secret" location for when it came to their wedding.  They wouldn't tell me until minutes before.  They picked the drive-in as one of their locations!  Pretty cool!


Two Kids on the Block

Kristina & Bill's engagement photo shoot literally consisted of us walking around one city block.  If I can get this much good stuff in that short period of time then I can't wait until their wedding that's a two day event in May of 2011! 


It all works out in the end

Chris and Jenny recently got married on October 16, 2010.  Last year they came to me to shoot their wedding but I was already booked and had to turn them down.  Almost a year later in early September they hired me to do the next best thing.  An all day engagement photo shoot! 

They gave me a lot to work with... Skiing, village, horses, fancy cars, different wardrobe changes, subtle props and a lot of love and chemistry.



A romantic evening for two.

I recently shot Melody and Dan's engagement photo shoot and their wedding is only a few weeks away.  We shot on Dan's birthday right before they went out to dinner.  A romantic photo shoot right before a romantic dinner.  Good idea Melody!



Cliche' and Beyond!! (Insert Buzz Lightyear voice)

I often come across other photographers wedding photos where the wedding party jumps into the air.   I never really understood the concept... Why have them jump when you can let them fly!!!  

Prior to shooting Gary and Lynne's wedding I added them to my friends list on Facebook.  Gary's profile photo was of him jumping off a bridge into a river.  Unfortunately I can't have him do that on his wedding day but I think this is the next best thing.



When LCD's light up like Fireflies....

Gone are the days when people enjoy precious moments with their own two eyes.  Now it's through a small 1-3 inch LCD screen! :-)


Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Danger and Love.

Josh and Lindsey got engaged at Lindsey's cottage near the Albion, NY area.  This property has a homemade elevator that takes you a couple hundred feet down to the river.  I was excited to ride this thing.  It literally travels 1mph that lets you soak in the amazing view!  Prior to the photo shoot Josh and Lindsay said that they would do anything to get a good shot... With a photographer like me that is music to my ears!


A Face in the Crowd