A romantic evening for two.

I recently shot Melody and Dan's engagement photo shoot and their wedding is only a few weeks away.  We shot on Dan's birthday right before they went out to dinner.  A romantic photo shoot right before a romantic dinner.  Good idea Melody!



Cliche' and Beyond!! (Insert Buzz Lightyear voice)

I often come across other photographers wedding photos where the wedding party jumps into the air.   I never really understood the concept... Why have them jump when you can let them fly!!!  

Prior to shooting Gary and Lynne's wedding I added them to my friends list on Facebook.  Gary's profile photo was of him jumping off a bridge into a river.  Unfortunately I can't have him do that on his wedding day but I think this is the next best thing.



When LCD's light up like Fireflies....

Gone are the days when people enjoy precious moments with their own two eyes.  Now it's through a small 1-3 inch LCD screen! :-)


Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Danger and Love.

Josh and Lindsey got engaged at Lindsey's cottage near the Albion, NY area.  This property has a homemade elevator that takes you a couple hundred feet down to the river.  I was excited to ride this thing.  It literally travels 1mph that lets you soak in the amazing view!  Prior to the photo shoot Josh and Lindsay said that they would do anything to get a good shot... With a photographer like me that is music to my ears!


A Face in the Crowd


Sunday Funday

This past Sunday I shot Megan & Craig at Buffalo's Waterfront.  This is what happens when the Buffalo Bills lose so bad that it makes manly men want to go on engagement photo shoots! haha :-) Craig is a silly guy who makes Megan laugh and smile.... A lot.



I don't often get to shoot bands anymore but I've worked with the band "Ransomville" seven times over the years.  We always shot on location somewhere so it was nice to finally get them in my new studio.  They've been doing big things and have a new CD coming out soon.  Check out their music at http://www.myspace.com/ransomvillemusic 


Vandewater camp

I had the pleasure to shoot the Vandewater family a few days ago.  Some of you may recognize Kim from my modeling gallery at www.nealurban.com.  Kim and I have worked together 4-5 times over the past three years.  It was great to chill out, relax and have some fun shooting Kim and her beautiful family.  We shot at a park in Rochester, NY where Kim and I first worked together 3 years ago.  It was great to be back in the area and shoot something completely different!



Lady in RED

Another cousin of mine is getting married!  It's always fun when shooting for family.  Rob and Andrea Engagement shoot was shot in Youngstown, NY where Rob worked as a police officer for over ten years.  I love it when I shoot clients that have a badge, they can get us in locations where most can't!  We didn't go anywhere prohibited but it's always good to know for when their wedding arrives!



A lovely night with a lovely couple...

I've been getting into night time photography more and more but mostly just testing or pulling a bride outside during the reception for a shot or two.  I've been wanting to do an engagement session at night for a while and Ryan and Shayna jumped on the idea.  We shot in downtown Buffalo.  Got followed by a creepy drunk.  Got stared at by a lot of people.  It never bothered Ryan and Shayna.  As you can tell from the photos they had a good time!