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And now Frank and his guys!

Same location as the ladies at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. But, we decided to use the stairs instead. A bit less bright and airy. The guys were just as much fun to photograph as the ladies. A great wedding party! The guys had me laughing the whole day. It was actually a little tough to get them to give a serious face for a photo. As you can tell from the groomsmen on the left. He still has a giant smile. I love it! And look how fun their glasses are.

Frank got into "model" mode haha. Once again I didn't have to tell him how to pose. I think he practiced before the wedding! 


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Anthony of Padua RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Albright Knox Art GalleryDelaware ParkBuffalo Japanese GardensFoundry Suites

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Foundry Suites




For Amanda and Frank's wedding, we went to Albright Knox Art Gallery and Delaware Park for photos. Now, if any of you are familiar with these areas, you know on a typical summer Saturday, they are crawling with weddings. Well, when we pulled up, not one wedding was there. It was shocking. You bet we took advantage before any others showed up!

We started at the Gallery because that is usually where it gets busiest first. It was pretty hot out, so I wanted to keep everyone in the shade. The pillars are always so pretty for photos too. It was a bright and sunny day, so they were back lit nicely.

I loved Amanda's dress as well. The back was so pretty. I thought this would be a great place to show it off. And time to bring in Frank! A nice and simple pose with beautiful results!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Anthony of Padua RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Albright Knox Art Gallery, Delaware Park, Buffalo Japanese Gardens

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Foundry Hotel and Banquets

Buffalo Wedding Video: LaNasa Studio

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Sax Man Slim



Kelsey and Jarrett recently got married and we went to Delaware Park and Albright Knox Art Gallery for their photos. This was the last photo before we headed back to Salvatore's Italian Garden's for the reception.

It was a chilly day for Kelsey and Jarrett's wedding, so we were moving pretty fast. Instead of taking the photo straight on with the Art Gallery in the back, we changed it up. Kelsey and Jarrett got really close and glanced at one another. I love the soft glow of light that is on them. That is from the street lamps that line the walkway. And I love how the gallery is more off to the side. 

This image almost looks like it was taken at the end of the night. It was about 4:30 in the evening. Thank goodness the days are already getting longer now! But it was a great way to end their photo session before the party!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Video: Nigh Video Productions

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: Salvatore's Garden Place Hotel

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Delaware Park and Albright Knox Art Gallery

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Salvatore's Italian Garden's

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Moving Music



Happy Wedding Day Kristi and Adam! Here is one more from their engagement session from Delaware Park!

To continue taking cover from the rain (if you tuned in for yesterday's blog, it was rainy and gloomy for their session), we walked over to the Albright Knox Art Gallery. While Neal was scouting out some different areas of the gallery, I got to sneak in and do a few quick shots with Kristi and Adam. I just asked them to face each other and I shot from a very low angle to get more of the pillars. I literally had about 10 seconds before Neal called them over. But I was very happy that I snapped off a few shots!

Congratulations Kristi and Adam!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Session: Delaware Park, Albright Knox Art Gallery


Delaware Park Wedding

Here is another image from Elisa and David's wedding last weekend!

This was taken at Delaware Park. We very rarely do wedding photos as Delaware Park because it is always so busy with other weddings. There are times where you have to wait your turn to take photos. We want our couples to feel like they are the only wedding on site and not have to share their day with 20 other Brides.

Elisa and David really wanted to go Delaware Park. So, we let them know in advance that it could be busy. We were in complete shock when we arrived and there was only one other wedding at the Park. We got to take the wedding party where ever we wanted. It was great and will probably never happen again!

This image turned out amazing! The natural back lighting from the sun was beautiful. We had Elisa slowly walk up the steps. Then reach out her hand to David and he was to help her the rest of the way.

I love all the detail in this image. Elisa and David look amazing, but I really love the fountain in the background. I love the detail in the water. We got some fantastic images at Delaware Park. We were so happy that we stuck it out and ventured there!


Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Ceremony: Lutheran Church of the Messiah, Lewiston

Photo Session: Delaware Park, Niagara Square

Reception: Four Points Sheraton, Niagara Falls

DJ: Signature Entertainment


Engagement with the Buffalo Mansion Homes

We bring you an engagement shot today from the Delaware Park area in Buffalo!

This couple was from out of town (Bride originally from the area). This was our first time meeting the couple in person as well. They were only in town for one night for their shoot. Delaware Park and Albright Knox Art Gallery are prime locations for engagement and wedding photos. There was actually a small wedding having their photos done at the same time.

We wanted to make sure we got some images that really stood out. Right from the start Neal and I completely clicked with this couple. They were being silly and having a lot of fun. It definitely didn't feel like a first meeting for us. We worked around the Albright Knox Art Gallery for a little while and headed into the park for a bit.

We then headed down the road a bit where there are a ton of amazing mansions. Neal wanted to get an artistic image with the couple in front of one. Decisions decisions on which one was best. We took a llittle stroll passed a few and Neal came to a halt. Bingo! He found his mansion! There was a nice iron gate with some stone lions protecting the entrance. We wanted to make sure we got at least one of those in the image.

The couple was placed to the left of the gate. We wanted the Bride to be to go up and embrace her Groom to be! Then go in for a kiss! We learned earlier in the shoot that the Bride to be was a dancer. So, when she embraced her fiance, she naturally kicked up her leg. We didn't even need to ask! It looked great!

Neal was shooting from the middle of the street of course. Besides holding some lighting, I was on car patrol. Right as Neal was clicking away, someone pulled in the driveway. I thought we were done for it and would need to move. Luckily, the driver just waved to us and drove to the back. I guess we picked the right mansion!


Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Photo Session - Deleware Park, Albright Knox Art Gallery area



If you have been following Neal’s work, than you know he likes windy days and dramatic clouds. And today’s image gives us a little bit of both!

Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo is a very popular wedding photo location. On a typical Saturday wedding, this area can be flooded with wedding parties having their pictures taken. Luckily, this wedding took place on a Sunday, so there was only one other wedding at this location. The other party was on the main staircase of the Art Gallery. Instead of waiting for them to move on, we decided to do something different, but still give the Bride and Groom the Gallery in the image.

We were actually across the street on another stairway. The Bride had a very long veil and it was blowing beautifully in the wind. Neal was definitely not passing up on this. We started off working with the Bride alone and got amazing images. Now it was time to bring in the Groom. They both wanted to be in a photo with the Art Gallery in the background. We decided to try an action style shot. Neal was shooting from a lower level of the stairway and shooting up, so we would get just the top of the Gallery with the sky.

We had the Groom stand on one side and had the Bride strut her stuff toward him. We asked the Bride to gently hold out her veil and let the wind do the rest as she walked. You can see by the Groom's expression that he was loving the approach of his beautiful Bride. As Neal was snapping away, he turned to me and said this image was screaming black and white. I couldn't have agreed more!


Buffalo Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Ceremony & Reception location - The Mansion on Delaware

Photo Session - Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Jewelry - Tiffany & Co.