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Jennie is back! Jennie and Brock were also married back in June. We travelled to Allegany State Park for their wedding!

Another gorgeous day! A little hot, but great weather! For portraits, Jennie and Brock had picked out a few locations they wanted to stop at before arriving to their reception (which was also in the Park). This was nice because the Park is massive and goes through NY and PA. We were closer to the PA side.

This location had a nice open area. The light was shining in through the trees. We put Jennie right in the middle of some tall grass. She was nice and tall too, so she didn't get lost in the grass. A nice warm glow is cast on her. 

I love her reaction in this image. We got a great smile, but sort of mid laugh. Love the natural reaction! Did I mentions Brock was really really funny?


Destination Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Destination Wedding Ceremony: Foursquare Gospel Church

Destination Photo Location and Reception: Allegany State Park

Destination DJ: Moving Music




Hello Michaela! Michaela and Aaron were married in the beginning of June in 2016 at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum! This was taken right outside.

I know I have only shown brides the past few days, but I keep coming across some great portraits that I need to share. I love this because it was taken by Alyssa, one of our assistants. She was working this wedding with Neal. She captured a great angle for this image. I love all of the vines and greenery on the building. Michaela looks amazing against the backdrop.

Such a stunning image of Michaela!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: The Mansion on Delaware, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo RiverWorks

Buffalo Wedding Reception: The Mansion on Delaware





Monday is here again! Today's image is from Nina and Greg's wedding. We just came across this and have no idea how I could have missed it to put on the Blog.

Nina at Statler City. Their wedding day was pretty rainy and windy. We all toughed it out for some photos outside and got some really great images. Then we went right to the Statler to take advantage of the inside, before guests arrived.

Look at Nina! She looks stunning. I love all the different angles and areas we used for Nina and Greg's portraits at the Statler. I really liked how Neal shot across the balconies, using the archways. We added some extra lighting to create a nice glow on Nina for this.

Another favorite!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony Location: St. Louis RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: St. Louis RC ChurchBuffalo City HallNiagara SquareStatler City

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Statler City

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Signature Entertainment




Our last wedding of 2017! We had the pleasure of photographing Kathy and David's wedding at Brookfield Country Club.

Both Kathy and David got ready at the Club, so we were able to bounce back and forth between both of them for photos. Here is a fun image of Kathy! She had her wedding dress custom made by Made by Anatomy. She looked stunning!

This was taken from outside of the room. During this time, Neal was shooting more up close. So, to stay out of his way, I decided to go into the hall and shoot. I thought I would try something different. One of the doors was already closed. I needed the other door to be partially open. There was nothing to prop it either. I held the door with one hand and took the image with the other. I am not very strong and this door was heavy. I will admit, the door shut on me a few times! But I managed to get one before it was too late!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony & Reception Location: Brookfield Country Club

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Silo City, Brookfield Country Club

Buffalo Wedding Dress Design: Made by Anatomy

Buffalo Wedding Decor: Salvatore's Italian Gardens



I love this image of Tiffany at Park Country Club!

This is one of my favorite spots at the Club for photos. Technically, we are really not supposed to go that far. Neal knows the course and some secret spots. We've gained Park's trust over the years that they let us go a little farther than most. It's not like it is on one of the greens haha. It's just a golf cart path!

Don't you just love the tree canopy?! It is the perfect location for a bridal portrait. What I love even more, is that the portrait is of the stunning Tiffany. Everything works perfect for this shot. Her pose and that pop of color from her flowers looks beautiful! Then the bright and airy backlight! Just gorgeous!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: Our Lady of Victory Basilica

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Our Lady of Victory Basilica, ,Public House on the LakePark Country Club

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Park Country Club





Here is Christine at the Barton Hill Hotel and Spa! Gorgeous!

Christine and her ladies got ready at the Barton. They had a beautiful room. We asked the ladies to clear out for a few minutes, to have the entire room. After moving around some furniture, it was time for portraits of Christine. The entire mood changes when we get the Bride alone right before the ceremony. Neal turns off the lights, studies the room, the light coming in and then photographs the Bride. This photo one of our favorites. 

Christine looks stunning here! Her style of dress and pose were perfect for this shot. She was framed beautifully within the doors. I even like the bits of old fashioned furniture still showing in the image.

What a great way to start off the wedding day!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Peter's RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Hotel HenryBuffalo LighthouseHotel at the Lafayette

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Hotel at the Lafayette

Buffalo Wedding DJ: DJ P Nasty 




Gorgeous Jill!

Jill and Matthew got married a few weeks ago at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery. They also got ready at Pearl at the Webb Hotel. The hotel has amazing rooms for photos. The lighting and textures are great.

For this, we decided to show a series of three images. Jill is sitting on the window ledge and Neal had her do three different looks! Even though Jill never moved her body, each photo is different. And stunning!

When there is great lighting at a location, it is better to take advantage and stay there. You can do so many different simple poses in a short amount of time as well! I can't wait to see this series of images in their wedding album!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Pearl Street Grill and Brewery

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Pearl at the Webb, Tift Nature Preserve




Amanda looks absolutely amazing in this image! I had the pleasure of photographing Frank and Amanda's wedding last weekend with our assistant Shane (Neal was out shooting another fabulous couples wedding). 

Amanda got ready at the Foundry Hotel and Banquets in Buffalo. That is also where they had their reception. This was the first time I was ever at this location. I loved it! The room was perfect for photos. Windows along the entire back wall! It was so bright and no extra light was needed. 

We needed to move some of the furniture in this room for Amanda to get dressed in. I wanted to leave the couch because I thought it added a vintage touch to the room. And I knew I wanted to use it for a portrait with her. She had a gorgeous dress and I knew everything would work well together!

Well, here it is!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Anthony of Padua RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Albright Knox Art Gallery, Delaware Park, Buffalo Japanese Gardens

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Foundry Hotel and Banquets

Buffalo Wedding Video: LaNasa Studio

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Sax Man Slim



We hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend! Summer is here! On Friday, we photographed Kaeleigh and Greg's wedding. Kaeleigh looked stunning. She had some great portraits while getting ready.

They had their reception at Hotel at the Lafayette. They also got ready there. Here is a simple portrait of Kaeleigh. We pulled her veil over her face to create this gorgeous image. Her veil was nice and long, so it fell perfectly. I love how her hair is covering part of her face too. I think it is dramatic.

I only just started going through Kaeleigh and Greg's images. This will be one of many amazing images from their day!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St.John the Baptist RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Buffalo Theatre District

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Hotel at the Lafayette

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Toy Bros Entertainment



This is one of my favorite images of Lindsay and Adam's wedding. Yes, they had an amazing reception venue at the Genesee Country Village and Museum, but their church was pretty cool as well.

Lindsay and Adam exchanged wedding vows at Christ Episcopal Church in Pittsford, NY. Getting around in the church was little confusing at first, but after figuring out the lay of the land, we were really excited for photos! 

Here is the lovely Lindsay after their ceremony. She looks stunning. Her dress was gorgeous. So, placing her in this cool backdrop, made the image even better. Look at the size of the organ behind her! Normally, the organ is on a balcony or near the alter. This was great that we could actually use it for a photo. (or a few) 

Neal was shooting down the aisle and I was off to the side with some extra fill light. We had Lindsay stand sideways and glance down at her flowers. Boom! (yes I just said boom haha) Love it!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: Christ Episcopal Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location and Reception: Genesee Country Village and Museum