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Today we take you back to May 2016! This image is from Katie and Frank's wedding.

Katie got ready at her parents house. And what a gorgeous house it was. Look at how cute the hallway leading upstairs is! I love the color of the walls. The door leading out to a second floor balcony had so much light coming through. It was a great place to hang the dress. Katie's dress fit perfectly there.

We also thought this would be a good image to call mom in to help with the dress. Doesn't she look gorgeous! I just love this!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: The Conference and Event Center Niagara Falls

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Whirlpool State Park, Shelkolph Museum & Visitor Center

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Niagara Falls Conference and Banquet Center

Buffalo Wedding Videography: Nigh Video Production 







Monday May Wedding! This is the gorgeous Victoria!

Victoria and James were married in May of 2016! What an amazing couple. So many laughs all day. Victoria got ready at her parents house. The living room was nice and big with a lot of window light for Victoria to get dressed in. Everything was moving along so smoothly and we were doing really well on time. We got to stay with Victoria a little while longer for extra bridal portraits at the house. Bonus!

After moving a few pieces of furniture, we cleared out enough space to get this beautiful dress shot of Victoria. I love the framing of this image, with the windows and drapery. The desk was a great piece of furniture that we had to keep for the photo.

Victoria gave us a great pose too. She knew exactly what we wanted. Then we decided to add her flowers to the desk for a little extra detail. I absolutely love this image!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Joseph's Cathedral

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: St. Joseph's Cathedral, Erie Basin Marina, Statler City

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Statler City 



Well, we ended the night with Keith and Dana at Salvatore's Italian Gardens. But, lets go back in time when started with Dana at the Delavan Hotel & Spa (which is the new hotel at Salvatore's Italian Gardens if you did not know)!

The rooms at the Delavan are amazing to take photos in. The windows are massive! In this image, we do have the windows covered. But, how can you not take advantage of the "red carpet curtains". They created such a beautiful back drop. It also went perfect with the style of Keith and Dana's wedding. Everything was clean, classic, and elegant.

I absolutely love Dana's dress. She looked stunning! Her dress had a racerback! How fun is that! She is pretty tall as well, so it suited her perfectly.

This was just a fun and gorgeous bridal portrait of Dana before we brought Dad in for a first look. She looks amazing!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. John Vianney RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Charles Burchfield Nature and Art Center 

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Salvatore's Italian Gardens

Buffalo Wedding Videography: Bella Star Productions

Buffalo Wedding DJ/Photobooth: CJ Sound

Buffalo Wedding Flowers and Decor: Salvatore's Italian Gardens





Tuesday, we showed you an image of Nic and Bentley getting ready. Today we bring you Jill and her Bridesmaids getting ready.

Jill had a huge room at the Foundry Suites and Banquets. The rooms are amazing for pictures. There was so much natural light! After moving some furniture (which we did put back haha), it was time for Jill to get in her wedding dress and accessories.

Shoes! Shoes! It was time for Jill to have her Cinderella moment. For this we brought in a few of her Bridemaids to take parts of the dress and one to help with the shoes. 

These action shots always make for beautiful photos. Look at the interaction between all the ladies. They know this is one of Jill's biggest days of her life and they want to help make it perfect and memorable.


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Foundry Suites and Banquets

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Foundry Suites and BanquetsPierce Arrow Factory ComplexElmwood Avenue





This image of Kristin and her little flower girls is so cute! Kristin had a huge suite at Seneca Niagara Casino. A lot of room to work with!

The flower girls were a very big part of the day. They were a huge part of Kristin getting ready as well! We tried to incorporate them into as much as we could. From trying on Kristin's wedding shoes, to helping with the dress. They were little divas and fit right in with the bridesmaids.

Their dresses were so much fun as well. They had so many layers. Since Kristin helped to get the girls' layers perfect, we thought it would be fun to have the girls help Kristin!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony Location: Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Buffalo Wedding Photo Locations: Forest Lawn Cemetery, Rapids Theatre

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Rapids Theatre




We bring you another image from Erica and Justin's wedding!

This room was so pretty for Erica to get ready in and for portraits. I love this image because the little flower girls decided to go over to the piano on their own. It was funny because the moms were telling them not to go into the room and stay out of the way. Once we saw where they were heading, we told everyone to let them go and see what happens. They both started to play the piano. All we had to do was pose Erica!

I love when things like this happen. Kids are so unpredictable. Sometimes it works out so great for photos. And most of the time, there are a lot of laughs. In this instance, the flower girls helped to create this timeless image.


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: Prince of Peace

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Canalside Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Wedding Reception: The Hyatt Regency of Buffalo



One last image from Jennifer and Anthony's wedding at the Tonawanda Castle!

After posting Anthony getting ready, I couldn't resist posting an image from Jennifer getting ready. Would you just look at this room?! This is my favorite room in the Castle! The windows are amazing. Look at all that light coming in. Jennifer is glowing! Neal had an amazing day to shoot in that room!

This is just a gorgeous image of Jennifer's mom and sister helping her get ready. These are amazing moments too! I love the interaction between everyone. There is so much emotion when the Bride is getting ready. And it is so true. Once the wedding dress goes on, there is such an emotional transformation. I love this moment!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Portraits, Ceremony, Reception: Tonawanda Castle

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Toy Bros Entertainment



Cousin, Sarah, Rachael, and Aunt Sue! Time to get the lovely Sarah ready to get hitched at Hayloft in the Grove.

I was not able to photograph this wedding with Neal. I had my own wedding that day. So, going through these images were very emotional for me. Even though, I could not be there, I helped Sarah and Christina with any planning or ideas they needed help with.

This was one of my favorites from Sarah getting ready. The room she got ready in was amazing (according to Neal haha). I agree. What amazing light. It has such a bright and airy feel.

I love when brides have their moms, sisters, or those people that are very important to them help with the dress. Not that all the bridesmaids are not important. But, sometimes just having those few people help can create some amazing a touching images. Having everyone involved can cause chaos and the bride can get stressed.

I mean, how often do you have your mom and sister dressing you haha! Love these Cinderella moments!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Hayloft in the Grove

Buffalo Wedding Photo Locations: Roycroft Inn, Village of East Aurora, Hayloft in the Grove

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Signature Entertainment




Today, we bring you Laura and her lovely ladies! 

Laura got ready at her parents home. They had an awesome patio in the backyard. It was a beautiful day and we wanted to take advantage of it.

I really wanted to have all of Laura's ladies involved in a fun photo with the dress. Laura had such a stunning dress! She looked amazing! I had the ladies all take part of the dress. That was the only direction I gave. After that, Laura and her bridesmaids were laughing and having a great time with it. I love how Laura glanced down to look at some of her ladies. 

These photos can be so much fun. The bridesmaids always like to be a part of the day. And the getting ready portion is really where they get to shine!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony:St. Martin De Porres

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Delaware ParkTonawanda Castle

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Tonawanda Castle

Buffalo Wedding Video: Unbeaten Path Media

Buffalo Wedding Dj/Photobooth: Moving Music