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Here's part 2 from yesterday's post with Maddie & Ruby and with Part 2 we are posting 2 images!

We had to zoom out to get the whole chair in the shot. This chair was the same chair that we used in Christina's maternity session back in February. Christina, Josh, Luka and Caleb posed in and around the chair so it was only fitting to use the same chair for Maddie & Ruby! Love it when everything comes together!


Buffalo Newborn Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Newborn Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



And here is Kevin! I told you there was going to be another stunning guy today!

Kevin looked amazing as well! He also could pull off the serious look very well. I swear we did get a lot of photos of him and Jeffrey smiling!

We photographed Kevin in the same location that Jeffrey's image was taken. We just shot from the opposite direction. And instead of him looking toward the window, we had him look off the other way to get a different reflection. 

Kevin also had a gorgeous suit. We found out they had their suits custom made. They were a perfect fit on both of them. After doing photos all over Buffalo, we headed to the Buffalo Historical Society for the ceremony and reception!

Kevin and Jeffrey definitely belong in a magazine! We will need to work on that!


-Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Buffalo Historical Society

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Niagara Square, Hotel at the Lafayette, Buffalo Theatre District, Downtown Buffalo



Today is solo day! And it sure is a good one. Jeffrey looks amazing!

Doesn't Jeffrey look like a model? All I can say is stunning! Kevin and Jeffrey got married at the Buffalo Historical Society. We did their photos before the ceremony and ventured all over downtown Buffalo

In the beginning he kept telling us he would need some help posing. I have no idea why. He was so natural and you can see it in this photo. All we did was show him where he needed to stand. I love everything about this. His suit was gorgeous. The reflection looks so good. And I love his expression. He could pull of the serious look so well. But he also had a beautiful smile!

Now we won't leave out Kevin! See his solo tomorrow!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Buffalo Historical Society

Buffalo Wedding Photo Session: Niagara Square, Hotel at the Lafayette, Buffalo Theatre District, Downtown Buffalo





I know this may seem a little different, but I really liked this image. It is Rose and Ramin at the Delaware Mansion.

This was right after they had their first look. We did some portraits inside before heading to Canalside with the wedding party. Delaware Mansion has amazing old wooden sliding doors. I grew up in a house that had doors similar to this (much smaller haha) and I feel they will never go out of style. You do not see them often, so we wanted to use them for photos.

Do you get the feeling that Neal is sneaking in on them? If so, that's sort of the idea. I was behind the doors with Rose and Ramin telling them when to look at each other or maybe have a kiss. Neal was shooting from outside the doors. I love how he decided to only keep the doors open a tiny bit. You can still see how happy and giddy Rose and Ramin are. They are in their own world and having a wonderful moment alone. (well almost alone)


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Delaware Mansion

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Delaware Mansion, Canalside

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Whirlin Disc Sound


For the love of flowers

One last image from Dave and Kristine's engagement session before their wedding tomorrow!

This was taken at Delaware Park. We were walking around and Kristine loved all of the flowers and wanted to incorprate as many flowers as we could into the photoshoot. We saw these beautiful tulips. We found a spot where Dave could lay (without damaging any flowers). We had Kristine lay on top of him. The goal was to have some tulips in the foreground and background. This was really funny. We got some great laughs from both of them. I love this one! We had Dave go in for a kiss on the cheek and poor Kristine was trying to keep herself somewhat propped up. They both started to laugh and we got this great reaction!

Happy Wedding Eve Dave and Kristine! Can't wait to celebrate and capture more beautiful images tomorrow!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Forest Lawn Cemetery and Delaware Park


Engagement in Forest Lawn

Happy wedding week to Dave and Kristine! They tie the knot this Sunday!

This image was taken during their engagement shoot at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo. Yes, the cemetery. It is beautiful there. There are so many amazing places to take photos that will not have grave stones in them. As we were driving over this bridge we saw this colorful tree. We had to stop. We had Dave and Kristine lean on the side of the stone bridge and have a nice smile for the camera. We shot at an angle to get the parts of the tree that had the prettiest colors. You would think this image was taken in fall. But, it was only a few months ago!

If you have some spare time, check out Forest Lawn Cemetery website. Or take a drive through. They do tours on Sundays. You will not believe how pretty it is. We were so happy to get some beautiful images there for Dave and Kristine!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Forest Lawn Cemetery and Delaware Park


Mini-Shoot before the rehearsal dinner

Happy Anniversary to Kelly and Tom. They are celebrating one year!

This was done on the night of their rehearsal. They had their rehearsal dinner at a small restaurant/bar called Wiechec's. It was awesome! There was singing and Polka dancing. It was definately a rehearsal party coverage for the books! Tom's father owns a hardware shop (Hector's Hardware) down the road at they wanted some photos done there.

We had the run of the shop and could go anywhere. You know we love reflections! This was done right near the cashiers register. We had Kelly and Tom stand in the small opening (Tom is pretty tall and barely fit). When their reflections were just right, Neal took the picture. We love that when you look closely at the image, you can see all of the tools and gadets sold in the store. Then, you have Kelly and Tom having a kiss right in the middle of it all!

Happy Anniversary Kelly and Tom!


Buffalo Rehearsal Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Rehearsal Photo Location: Hector's Hardware

Buffalo Rehearsal Dinner: Wiechec's Lounge




This image was taken from Renee and Patrick's wedding at St. Mark's RC Church in Buffalo.

This was done after the ceremony and family portraits. We asked everyone if they could kindly exit the church so we could get this amazing shot. St. Mark's is a beautiful church and we wanted to take advantage of it! Neal had Renee and Patrick walk down the aisle toward the doors. He was taking photos as they were walking out and then asked them to stop in the entrance and have a kiss. 

The light coming through the doors was so nice at this time. I love how they are backlit. I also love that you can see some of the bows that were on the church pews for the ceremony. (I love details!)

Sometimes we get some amazing images from the church or location of the ceremony. We don't always hurry out before checking everything out!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Mark's RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Buffalo City Hall

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Asbury Hall


Tonawanda Castle Wedding!

Throwback Thursday! Johnathan & Nick got married in 2011. The ceremony and reception were at the Tonawanda Castle. It was an amazing wedding! It was such an emotional wedding as well. I even cried behind the camera a few times! It was one of the first same sex weddings in NY. Johnathan & Nick originally planned on getting married out of state but once New York State made same sex marriages legal, they quickly changed plans and we're so happy that they chose to stay local so that all of their family and friends were able to witness the ceremony!

Johnathan & Nick came in with some great ideas for their wedding. They designed almost everything themselves right down to the cake. And it was a great looking and tasting cake! We started their photo shoot around the Elmwood Village area, so we could include their dog, Moose. Then we headed to the Castle to meet the wedding party for some more photos. There were so many places for us to take advantage of. This image was taken in one of the rooms that looked like a maids or butlers quarters on the third floor. We really liked the two doorways. All we wanted was for them to each stand in a doorway. Nick was quite tall, but he just fit. And then we had them take a peak out at eachother. It was a nice and simple shot, but we still love it to this day! This was one of our all-time favorite weddings because of how emotional is was so don't be surprised if you see Johnathan & Nick in future blog posts!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Tonawanda Castle

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Elmwood Village and Tonawanda Castle



Stacy and Pete were married June of 2014. We did their engagament shoot in the fall of 2013 at Delaware Park and the Japanese Gardens in Buffalo. We then headed into Elmwood Village when it got dark out. It was a great shoot!

This was done at the Japanese Gardens. It is a very popular place for photos. This was done off the beaten path of the gardens, away from the crowds of people. We saw some beautiful fall foliage behind one of the buildings. There were vibrant red and orange leaves growing all around the stone porch. The porch was raised up, so Neal had Stacy and Pete go below us. They had to crouch down a bit so we could see them. We had them kiss at first and when they pulled away from each other they had huge smiles on their faces. We loved it! Neal and I love how the pillars and the leaves frame in Stacy and Pete perfectly! 


Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Photo Session: Delaware Park, Japanese Gardens, Elmwood Village