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Today marks 1 year from when I took over writing the Neal Urban Blog! It has been so great reliving the weddings and shoots that we have had. I am very proud that I had a post ready for every day as well. (well almost haha. I know I missed a few due to technical issues).

This was not an easy task. When Neal asked me if I would like to take over, I was really excited. He didn't mention the late nights I would be up blogging due to our crazy schedule. There were many 1:00am nights I was laying in bed after a wedding and thinking, I forgot to type a new blog for tomorrow. I would get up and head to the computer. Good thing Neal is usually up. He always had an image in mind! It really was a team effort! It was definitely worth it though! We know it brought so many smiles to our clients and readers!

I hope all of our readers enjoyed hearing the back story of how we created some of our photos. I also hoped you enjoyed seeing some images that might not have been on the website. I loved being able to go through and select some silly or goofy photos. I wanted to show that Neal and I really do have so much fun with our clients. I know most followers know Neal for his artistic style edits. So, this is a great way to showcase some of the more simple and fun photos that do happen on all of our shoots.

I hope you will all continue to visit Neal Urban Blog. We have an awesome line up of weddings this year and I can't wait to chat about them! Cheers!


Neal Urban Studio

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ashley and Justin had their first date at Cecelia’s Restaurant in Buffalo. Why not go back for some engagement photos!

We were the only people in the restaurant for the shoot! Well, except the one lady who was seated at the booth exactly where Ashley and Justin sat for their date! Should we ask her to move? We decided not to ask her and work around the rest of the restaurant.

For this, I wanted to incorporate the Cecelia’s name into the shot. I had them seated at a far table and shot through the glass. Neal was shooting up close to get a different look, so we captured all bases! 


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Delaware Park, Cecelia’s Restaurant, Elmwood Village



Here is another image of Ashley and Justin's engagement session at Delaware Park.

This was at the very beginning of the shoot. Everyone is always a bit nervous when we start. And Ashley told us she was! We started off pretty basic with having them look at each other. Ashley started to laugh like crazy. She could not keep a straight face when she looked at Justin. Then he started to laugh too! I love the way Justin brought in Ashley for a hug!

These are the moments we love to capture. These are genuine laughs! This was a great way to break the ice as well. Then they began to settle down and have a lot of fun!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Delaware Park, Elmwood Village



Ashley and Justin are getting married this August! We had a great engagement session with them recently at Delaware Park.

We were hoping for a lot of snow, but it got pretty nice the days leading up to the shoot (not that I am complaining at all). Most of it melted, but we were really excited there was still some on the ground! It was a cold one too! I made sure to tell Ashley and Justin to dress for the weather. They did just that and looked great!

We had no set locations in mind. We walked around Delaware Park and stopped at different spots on the way. This part of the stairs had the most snow, so I asked Ashley and Justin to stop here and snuggle up really close to stay warm. Then I had them take a gander out at Hoyt Lake. Everything looked so pretty!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Delaware Park, Elmwood Village



We thought this would be a great photo for game day! Kristine and Andy had their engagement shoot at Ralph Wilson Stadium. This shoot was done by Leah! 

They brought everything for a great tailgate party to include in their photos. Kristine and Andy brought beer, chips, dip, and even Anchor Bar wings! They had a folding table and a cooler as well. It felt like we were going to party!

As you can see, they incorporated their date on a football. During this part of the shoot, they started to play football as well. It was a blast. 

Wings + Beer + Football = Super Bowl Sunday (actually all Buffalo fans every game)!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Ralph Wilson Stadium



Another fun image that I took from Hayley and Wes's engagement shoot at the Barton Hill Hotel and Spa in Lewiston!

Hayley and Wes gave us a lot of laughs on their shoot. They were always joking and had giant smiles. They loved the piano in the lobby and asked if I could use it for photos. Sure!

I had them just sit and get really close. They had a wonderful moment together. I have no idea what Wes said but it sure brought a beautiful smile to Hayley. I also loved the row of lights on the ceiling. It showed nice depth in the image. Neal also assisted with lighting. It was a little dark, so we needed to brighten up their faces.


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Barton Hill Hotel and Spa

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