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Happy Monday! And we are back with Nora at Neal Urban Studio!

Nora is just too cute for words! Look at that face! I love her expression. She has a very surprised look on her face. But she still shows it off in an elegant way. I bet you didn't know a 6 month old could do that haha!

Nora did not want to let go of those beads either. She had a firm grip on them when I went to take them away. When I backed away we got this expression. So, I guess it was good Nora kept them.

I also mentioned Friday that Nora had her own wardrobe station. Would you look at this? We had so many outfit changes to choose from. Look at all the headbands!!! And those shoes!  I love it! My kind of gal!


Buffalo Baby/Family Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Baby/Family Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



During the week, we had such a fun shoot with this lovely family! We did their photos at Fort Niagara State Park.

We had amazing weather. The heat and humidity died down and there was a great breeze. Thank goodness! We all met in one area and jumped around to different areas of the Park. We had some rustic style areas, as well as giant trees that line almost every inch of the Park. Then we headed down to the beach for some sunset photos. 

This was one of my favorite images. After clearing away some spider webs, we had the family have a seat, helped with some posing and we made the family laugh to get some real smiles. Everyone was very photogenic, they made our jobs very easy. Enjoy!


Buffalo Family Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Family Photo Location: Fort Niagara State Park



Here is another image from the family session we had in downtown Buffalo. Here are Dan and his partner Dan! They contacted us to organzie the family session. We wanted to make sure to take some of just the two of them as well. 

We started with the "Dan's" around Shea's. They both said they had no idea what they were doing or how to pose. Well, they were wrong. They looked like models. They were so natural and looked amazing. We didn't have to tell them how to pose at all. We learned at the shoot that we had photographed 2 sets of their friends weddings. Both couples said they didn't know how to pose or what they were doing. And they also did amazing and looked like models. It must naturally run in their circle of friends! 


Buffalo Family Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Family Photo Session: Buffalo Theatre District, Downtown Buffalo, Hotel at the Lafayette



A few weeks ago, we had a fun family session in downtown Buffalo. I loved that they wanted to do something different besides a park style. We all met on Main St. in front of Shea's. We worked around that area and then walked down to Hotel at the Lafayette.

I didn't realize how many new businesses opened up around that area. So many new restaurants and shops. We decided to stop at a few spots for some quick photos.

This was in front of a cool French Bistro called Raclettes. Now, I have never been to Paris, but it sure looked like the cute little places they show on the travel channel! 

I think this is such a fun family photo. It is so much different than our normal family style shoot! Neal and I are always looking for something different and we definately got it here!


Buffalo Family Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Family Photo Location: Theatre District, Downtown Buffalo, Hotel at the Lafayette



Happy Easter to everyone! We hope you all get to spend some time with family and friends! I know we are looking forward to it!

Today I selected a photo that just makes me feel like happy weather is on it's way. These two little ones were so much fun to photograph. We did this family shoot about two years ago at a private residence. I love the colors in this image. They are so bright and airy. 

When you have little ones to photograph, it can be very unpredictable. Since we were outside, the kids could run around and have fun. We let them do their thing and we were there to document. 

This little bro and sis decided to take a stroll and and check out what was down the road. As you can see they do love their accessories. We just love the hat! And no lady would be complete without her sunglasses in hand!

Happy Easter!


Buffalo Family Photography: Neal Urban Studio





Happy New Year to all of our family, friends, clients, and pets from Neal Urban Studio!

We are taking you back through our 2015 year. Here is a compilation of the shoots we had this year. What a crazy busy season we had. But it turned out some absolutely beautiful images!

Thank you to all of our 2015 clients for making our year one for the books! We congratulate all of the newly married couples, newly engaged, new parents, and anyone else that came to us to captures their amazing moments.

Thank you to all of our readers! Keep on visiting to see what's in store for 2016! For 2016 Neal is going to chime in on some blog posts to give you some insight on what his thoughts were on taking some of the images posted here as well as camera and lighting info for those who are interested in photography. Remember, you can purchase our books from your local book retailer or on Amazon - Here are the links.



Buffalo Wedding, Engagement, Families, Babies, Pet, Golf, Photography: Neal Urban Studio



Look at how cute this image is! Daddy and his little guy.

We had so much fun with this family shoot. They are a family of 4, but we snuck in some solos with daddy and his son (don't worry, mommy got her solos too). They look so great in their matching style plaid shirts. The interaction between them is so fun. I like how the little boy is holding onto daddy and lifting his feet off the stool. He looks like he is holding on for dear life, but with a giant smile!


Buffalo Family Portrait Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Family Portrait Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



We had a beautiful family photo session at Glen Park a few weeks ago.

Here is an image of mommy and son! Isn't he such a cutie! And mom is just beautiful! They have an adorable little girl as well. An image of her and her baby brother were posted a few days ago too!

After rescheduling their first session due to awful weather, they had an amazing day for this. The leaves were so colorful. The sun was shining through and casting a really pretty glow too! Love this!


Buffalo Family Portrait Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Family Portrait Photo Location: Glen Falls Park



We recently did a family portrait session at Glen Falls. It was the perfect fall day. The temperature felt like spring!

Aren't these two just adorable? She loved being the big sister, she wanted to hold her baby brother! At least she made a good attempt at it! haha! We had mommy and daddy being silly behind us while taking the photos. We got a great laugh and smile. I thought this was really funny but also very cute that I just had to share.

It is not super easy getting kids to look at the camera, let alone two. But some of the best images can be those moments in between!


Buffalo Family Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Family Photo Location: Glen Falls Park



Let's go back to Knox Farm for this amazing family shoot!

I love the composition of this image. Even though the family is small in the corner, it still looks pretty cool. Dad was raising up his little girl, while mom was behind him. The baby was having a great time too. She was laughing the whole time.

Neal decided to go far away for this and do a panoramic. I think it works out really nicely too. The colors in the sky were so great as well.

Does anyone else get a "Lion King" feel? I did!


Buffalo Family Portrait Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Family Portrait Photo Location: Knox Farm State Park