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Here's an image from Nadeen and Gino's engagement session at the Buffalo History Museum and Japanese Gardens!


We wanted to incorporate the cherry blossoms, but also the Museum. Why not a simple "walk in the park". We had Nadeen and Gino walk along the path, while we shot below the hill. It was a great angle to capture everything!

They look so cute and lot of fun interaction!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Buffalo History Museum and Japanese Gardens




This is Dana and Joelle's first dance! Their wedding and reception were at the Buffalo Historical Society.

The venue is beautiful inside. I love the balcony! It surrounds the entire first floor reception area. Guests were watching Dana and Joelle's first dance from the balcony. What a great view! I really like how this was a real moment and not something staged. We didn't ask guests to go upstairs and watch. 

Dana and Joelle had amazing friends and family. You can see the joy, love and excitement in everyone's faces. 


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Photo Session: Delaware Park

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony and Reception Location: Buffalo Historical Society


Wedding at the Buffalo History Museum

Happy Anniversary Alicia and Elliott! This image was taken at the Buffalo History Museum in Buffalo.

The Buffalo History Museum and Japanese Gardens are a very popular place for wedding photos. You usually have to wait your turn to take photos. For Alicia and Elliott we didn't have to wait at all. We lucked out! They had a beautiful day as well. That only made the photos better!

In the past, we have shown images that were more close up on the Bride and Groom. Neal actually really likes to shoot at very wide angles. I think this is so pretty with the History Museum being very prominent. We had Alicia and Elliott stand on the edge and look off across Hoyt Lake (that is right across from the building). Some of the prettiest images can be wider shots where the Bride and Groom appear smaller. 

Happy Anniversary Alicia and Elliott!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Mary's of the Cataract RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Buffalo History Museum and Buffalo Japanese Gardens

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Salvatore's Italian Gardens