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I absolutely loved our newborn/family session with Natalie, Joe, and baby Niall at Neal Urban Studio! You previously saw baby Niall on his daddies goalie pads! Wasn't that just too cute?!

Here are some simple but beautiful family portraits we capture during our newborn shoots!

We have Joe holding baby Niall, with Natalie kissing his head.

Then, we have Natalie holding baby Niall with Joe kissing his head.

Capturing these moments for first time parents is always amazing. Everything is new to them and they never know what to expect! 


Buffalo Newborn Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Newborn Photo Session: Neal Urban Studio



Meet Baby Niall! Isn't he precious?! He has a great name too! He visited Neal Urban Studio on Wednesday. We had the pleasure of photographing his parents engagment, boudoir session, wedding, maternity session and now it was time for a newborn session!

We used to be exclusively wedding photographers but we wanted to continue our wonderful relationships that we build with our clients. This images is a prime example of why we upgraded our studio and staff so that we can continue to create special images like this for our clients.

Baby Niall's father is a hockey player. A goalie if you haven't figured it out by the goalie pads. He asked if we could incorporate some of his gear. And we sure did. Baby Niall was such a little guy and an amazing sleeper! He slept through it all! He didn't even flinch when we set him on the goalie pads!

If you haven't noticed by now, we like to incorprate items into our newborn sessions that are personal to the parents.

Cousin Sarah, (our baby whisperer) was with us again for this shoot too. She was amazing with him. 

We sure lucked out with this cutie! We can't wait for his one year photo session!


-Buffalo Newborn Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Newborn Photo Session: Neal Urban Studio



A Brand New package!

This is Maks! He came for his photo debut a few days ago to Neal Urban Studio.

He was just a little guy at about 5lbs. He was a great sleeper! We decided to bring in some different textures for his shoot. We found an old wooden pallet in our building and placed Maks in a flat basket. Because he was wrapped up all snug, we chose a more rustic style blanket to put under him. Maks did not want to keep his hand inside the wrap either. Whenever we tucked his hand inside he would immediately wake up. He automatically put his little hand up near his head. Why fight it? He looks so adorable and cozy that way!


Buffalo Newborn Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Newborn Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio

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