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We had the honor to document a military homecoming on Friday at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport!

This homecoming was also very special because while Dan was overseas, Nicole had their baby girl. This was the first time he got to meet her and hold her. It was beautiful. What a feeling that must have been for him. The family also had t-shirts made for the little boys that said "My Dad is my hero." They were so cute.

Now if you know anyone who has come home from the military, you know that arrival day and time is constantly changing. Dan's flights and arrival location changed a bunch of times during the week. Luckily I had great contact with his sister who was coordinating everything with me. I felt so bad for the family getting their hopes up and then receiving word Dan would be delayed another day. They told us that their jobs were notified and the schools were notified about Dan's arrival date. They were ready at a moments notice to pick up the kids and leave work to meet him at the airport. 

This was such a great feeling. I don't know how they do it. They have such a wonderful family. It was such an amazing experience to capture these moments.

Thank you Dan and to all of the military for serving our country. Welcome home!!


Buffalo Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Military Homecoming Photo Location: Buffalo Niagara International Airport



Happy New Year to all of our family, friends, clients, and pets from Neal Urban Studio!

We are taking you back through our 2015 year. Here is a compilation of the shoots we had this year. What a crazy busy season we had. But it turned out some absolutely beautiful images!

Thank you to all of our 2015 clients for making our year one for the books! We congratulate all of the newly married couples, newly engaged, new parents, and anyone else that came to us to captures their amazing moments.

Thank you to all of our readers! Keep on visiting to see what's in store for 2016! For 2016 Neal is going to chime in on some blog posts to give you some insight on what his thoughts were on taking some of the images posted here as well as camera and lighting info for those who are interested in photography. Remember, you can purchase our books from your local book retailer or on Amazon - Here are the links.



Buffalo Wedding, Engagement, Families, Babies, Pet, Golf, Photography: Neal Urban Studio


A handsome gentleman

Today's image is from Ashley and Daniel's wedding from this summer. Some may think a wedding is all about the Bride, which is true but we also like to take some great portraits of the groom as well!

Ashley & Daniel had a classic theme to their wedding. They got married at a beautiful church, portraits at Shea's and the reception was at a beautiful private residence where a horse and buggy escorted their guests from the parking lot to the reception. We wanted to make sure that the style of the images matched the style of their wedding. 

Daniel looks great here. Neal did a sample pose for him and Daniel nailed it for this photo. Shea's is beautiful but the lighting can be a little tough to work with so we brought in extra lights. This image looks amazing in color but I think the Black and White tops it off and makes this portrait timeless!

It's funny that Neal and I were recently having a conversation about how styles from the 1970's & 1980's are coming back into style. We both agree'd that some styles from the early 1900's should come back into style. Those were the days when everyone dressed really nice everywhere they went. Well, we can only hope that Daniel's portrait here can start that trend!


Buffalo Wedding Photography - Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Portrait Location - Shea's Performing Arts Center

Buffalo Wedding Reception - Private Residence




Nina and Vinny are getting married Saturday! Here is one of their engagement images done at Fort Niagara State Park in Youngstown NY.

Nina is a huge Disney fan! They actually got engaged in Disney World! We began their shoot inside the Old Fort (take a look Saturday to see an image from that part of the shoot). She brought a Mickey balloon and it really didn't work well inside the Fort with their outfits. We decided to keep it to use down by the water. We found a lonely picnic table facing Lake Ontario. This shot wasn't as easy as you would think. It was a little breezy and it kept moving around the Mickey balloon. Nina and Vinny couldn't really see what was going on because we needed them to look straight ahead. But, we really wanted to get a cute shot for Nina. It took about 10 minutes for Mickey to be visible haha! We knew she would love it! 


Buffalo Engagement Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Session - Fort Niagara State Park



A simple glance...

I love this image! Jennifer was such a stunning Bride. She had a wonderful personality that just stood out in all of their images.

This was taken at her parents house before the ceremony. We walked in and Neal loved this room. Luckily we didn't have to move that much furniture! We loved that everything in the room was white or off white in color, with just a few color accents.

The light was coming in from the huge windows at the front of the house. Jennifer had a beautiful glow to her skin. Paired with her darker skin and hair, it looked great. We do a lot of standing poses throughout the day. We try to mix it up as best we can when we have the opportunity. Jennifer brought such elegance and had great posture.

Neal shot it straight on with her looking at the camera and then looking away. We fell in love with her glancing out the window! Neal edited the image to give it more of a timeless piece of art.


Buffalo Wedding Photgraphy - Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony - St. Louis R.C. Chruch 

Buffalo Wedding Photo Session - Knox Farm

Buffalo Wedding Reception - Fox Valley Country Club