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Meet Baby Niall! Isn't he precious?! He has a great name too! He visited Neal Urban Studio on Wednesday. We had the pleasure of photographing his parents engagment, boudoir session, wedding, maternity session and now it was time for a newborn session!

We used to be exclusively wedding photographers but we wanted to continue our wonderful relationships that we build with our clients. This images is a prime example of why we upgraded our studio and staff so that we can continue to create special images like this for our clients.

Baby Niall's father is a hockey player. A goalie if you haven't figured it out by the goalie pads. He asked if we could incorporate some of his gear. And we sure did. Baby Niall was such a little guy and an amazing sleeper! He slept through it all! He didn't even flinch when we set him on the goalie pads!

If you haven't noticed by now, we like to incorprate items into our newborn sessions that are personal to the parents.

Cousin Sarah, (our baby whisperer) was with us again for this shoot too. She was amazing with him. 

We sure lucked out with this cutie! We can't wait for his one year photo session!


-Buffalo Newborn Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Newborn Photo Session: Neal Urban Studio




Angela and Tanner were married at the Glen Iris Inn at Letchworth State Park. This is a beautiful location for for a wedding. And a great place to take photos.

The main location most people want their photos done are with the waterfall in the background. We already took advantage of that and wanted to try something from a different view. We took a little walk away from the crowd of people to where the waterfall was actually flowing down. There was an overlook we put Angela and Tanner in. We asked Tanner to have a seat on the edge and pull Angela in for a kiss. 

We got a wonderful landscape by having Angela and Tanner off to the side in the shot. You can still see the waterfall and all of the trees in this beautiful spot.


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony, Photo Location, Reception: Glen Iris Inn, Letchworth State Park



You make me wanna shout!

It’s Friday and the weekend is here! Why not start it off with this image taken during a wedding reception at Statler City in Buffalo. Some of the best images of the night take place on the dance floor, so don’t leave early or you’ll miss out on these fun photo opportunities. 

If you have seen the movie “Animal House” then you know these iconic moves. You know it will be a great party when the Bride and Groom get in on the action to this song.  And that is exactly what happened here.  What makes this image even more special is the parents and siblings of the Bride and Groom are taking part and surrounding the happy couple. The dance floor was so pack, Neal had to crawl over the crowd to get this shot. The newly joined families had such a close relationship to one another that it was well worth the crowd surfing to capture them on the dance floor together.  

We got the pleasure of capturing hundreds more of exciting images just like this throughout the whole night. The party never stopped!

Don’t be afraid to let loose and show off your dance moves at the reception. The Bride and Groom will appreciate it and we’ll be there to document!


Neal Urban Studio