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This beautiful staircase is located at the Avanti Mansion in Buffalo,NY. It is a great venue for a wedding. In this image, it is being used for the bridal party to process into the ceremony.

Everytime I see this image, I think of a grand ball taking place in a giant mansion. In this case the Avanti Mansion! It seems as though the little girls are being announced into the party like princesses. It could be the biggest moment of their childhood. They were actually the flower girls in the wedding party.They were to walk down each side of the staircase and meet at the bottom. Without falling!!! I was facing the stairway head on in between all the guests. I had the shot in mind before the ceremony started. I was just hoping that none of the guests got in the way. Very nicely before the ceremony, I introduced myself to the few guests in the aisle and told them my vision. They all thought the idea was beautiful and respected that I had a job to do. I got set up and the flower girls did the rest! And an awesome job I'll say!

If there is a really awesome shot we want to get, we have no problem talking to people to make it happen. We want to keep a good relationship with everyone and not step on any toes. We are there to get amazing images for the couple! And it worked out great here! 


Buffalo Wedding Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony & Reception - Avanti Mansion

Buffalo Wedding DJ - Toy Bros.

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