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One more from Vanessa and Anthony's post bridal shoot!

We had the pleasue of shooting their post bridal shoot in Disney World! Everyone knows what a huge Disney fan Vanessa is. Epcot is my favorite of the Disney Parks. So, I was so happy that it was going to be one of the stops!

As you can see, this was done at night when everything was lit up. And this was the last shot of the night. If you are not familiar with the iconic "Epcot Ball", it is home to the Spaceship Earth ride. (If you get motion sickness, this might be one to pass on.

We didn't tell Vanessa and Anthony how to pose. We just placed them where we needed. I was standing to the side with extra lighting for their faces. Of course, there were hundreds of people walking by. We saw a clearing and at that exact moment, Anthony dipped Vanessa! Perfection!


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Destination Post Bridal Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Destination Post Bridal Location: Disney World, Epcot Center



This was a fun shot from Nina and Vinny's wedding that I completely forgot about. As you know by now, Nina was one of our Disney Brides. But all of her ladies were Disney fans too!

She got them all purple Mickey ears to match their dresses. This was taken at Shea's. Nina had Mickey ears specifically for the Bride, veil and all! I love how they had to set it on her head to not mess her hair. There was no posing or anything planned. They all just had fun with it!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Shea's Performing Arts Center



Taking us back to 2012 for this beautiful shot. We had the pleasure of doing a post bridal shoot in Disney World for one of our couples. The Bride is a huge Disney fan and originally wanted her wedding there, but once she found out that outside photographers were not allowed, she had a change of plans. She wanted Neal and I to be there. We told her not to worry, we’ll get to Disney! And we did!

The Bride and Groom got us passes for all of the theme parks. We were only there for 3 days and needed to do photos in all 4 parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios. Photo shoots are not allowed in any of the parks, unless you hire the parks’ photographers. So Neal and I brought the bare minimum into each, looking like we were guests.  The Bride had special passes that let us into parks after closing time too. We were doing photos in the Magic Kingdom until about 2:00am! Amazing! She even had specific outfits for every park!

This image was taken in Epcot, one of my favorite places. It is most beautiful at night! There are eleven countries to visit in Epcot. We started at one end and worked our way through all of them. The Bride knew every inch of the park, which was great. We had our own personal tour guide!  We were coming up on the United Kingdom. The Bride said one of her favorite places was here. A tea house!  We had to stop! Once we saw it, we knew we could get something good. We didn’t want to take away from the scenery with a crazy pose either. We wanted to keep it very simple and tie the whole image together. Here comes the hard part! How do you get the Bride and Groom alone in the photo with thousands of people walking by. The key is...You don’t!  We had to shoot every time there was a lull in the crowd. It was pretty fun. We had a few delays, in that the Bride was dressed in a beautiful white dress (not a wedding dress). But she looked like one of the Disney princesses. So, a lot of kids stopped to talk to her and wanted pictures with her. It was hysterical!

We only had some extra lighting on their faces. There was enough back light from the tea house. After being pretty patient, Neal got the shot! We knew from looking at the image in the camera, it was going to be beautiful. And it is! The Bride and Groom absolutely loved it! We liked it so much, we have a print in our home. Well, minus the couple haha!

The Bride and Groom are celebrating their anniversary today as well! So Happy Anniversary! Time to go back!


Disney Wedding Photography by Neal Urban Studio


.....And we're back and it feels so good!

Not that we went anywhere, but the blog has remained idle for the past 11 months and it was finally time to start posting again.

Now that we have a brand new bright and airy 2,400 square foot studio space located in the Tri-Main Center Buffalo, New York, we felt this was a good time to change everything up. We redesigned our website, our logo, social media sites, marketing material, blog, our prints and albums. Everything needed to upgrade!

With that being said, the blog needed a facelift and an update! Danielle is taking over the blog and together Neal & Danielle are going to mix things up a bit. This isn't going to be just another blog where you see the same old stuff. We don't want to give anything away too soon but everytime you visit this page there will be something new for you to experience! 

Stay tuned!!


Buffalo Wedding Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Reception - Salvatore's Italian Gardens

Today's image was taken at Salvatore's Italian Gardens in Buffalo, NY. The story behind this image is that our Bride is a HUGE Disney fan. Her favorite Disney movie is "Beauty and the Beast". The color theme to her wedding matched the colors in the movie. She even brought Disney props to their Engagement Shoot. It was fitting that I pull off a Fairy Tale kind of shot for her. I wanted to shoot this at an angle that's not often seen at a popular location. I also wanted to light her in a way that put the spotlight on her to separate her from the busy scene. The lighting ads a little magic and mystery to the image. This is an image that has a story behind it and it's personal to the client which is what makes the image so special. - Neal