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Here are Hayley and Wes on their engagement shoot!

We met up with Hayley and Wes at the Barton Hill Hotel in Lewiston NY. It was absolutely freezing out, we decided to do a few photos inside of the hotel. The main lobby is really pretty and has some nice open space. Why not have Hayley and Wes have a little dance?

A little background first. Hayley loves to be "dipped," especially in photos. So, we asked Wes to dip her at the end of the dance. What we did not know, was that he gave her a "dipping allowance!" He told her she only had so many left to spare for the wedding day (their wedding is not until October)! This was so funny! I wonder when the countdown began and how many are left?!

It was pretty dark out, so the lobby was not very bright. Neal added in some extra light behind them, on both sides. He also added some light to their faces, which gave them a nice glow.

Hayley and Wes were so much fun and I can't wait to capture their wedding day!


Neal here, I was Danielle's assistant on this shoot which is always a lot of fun for me. I get to do dorky things and play with lights throughout the shoot which is something I really enjoy. I stay quiet and out of the way while Danielle works with the couple. This shot is all Danielle, her idea for location, the pose etc. Danielle even directed me how she wanted it edited in post production. It's a classy image. Great work Danielle!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Barton Hill Hotel



Kristin and John had an awesome engagement session in Lewiston NY!

It started to get dark and all of the store front lights went on. And to top it off, the trees all had Christmas lights on them. We love incorporating the surroundings into our photos. This was outside of one of the restaurants on Center Street. There was one lonely table for two. Have a seat Kristin and John!

The great part was that the area was so well lit, we didn't need any extra lighting. The natural street lighting was perfect. It wasn't too harsh either. Luckily, it wasn't too busy there either. We had the whole place to ourselves.

Kristin and John had a seat and just enjoyed each others company. Now only if I had a bottle of wine/beer and some cheese for them! I'll have to keep that handy for all of our shoots! I think this is so romantic. We love night photography!


Neal here, as Danielle mentioned above, everything was ambient light. The ambient light is the reason why we chose this spot. Yes, there was a nice table for two on Center Street but the lighting above the table put them in a spotlight so we had to shoot here. If we added our own lights then we would've lost the intimate setting. We did multiple poses at this table, some looking/smiling at the camera and some when they were more intimate towards each other... This pose was one of their chosen favorites for me to edit... I imagine this is how they probably sit and look at each other when they're out on a date. Hands interlocked with each other. Sometimes we find a spot with good lighting, place the clients in that spot, do a couple poses for me and then let them have a moment while we capture it. Note: Kristin's reflection in the store front window! 

Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Fort Niagara State Park, Village of Lewiston



Sorry for the delay folks! Today was the first Saturday since our season began, that we have off. I slept in!

Here we are in Lewiston NY for Kristin and John engagement session. The Christmas lights were up around the village and we decided to walk around. We had to stop at this house. We had Kristin and John in the walkway, Neal taking the shot from across the street and me doing lighting. Now, it was pretty busy that night and a lot of traffic. Neal was yelling directions to me, I was yelling back, and Kristin and John were laughing. It couldn't have went better.!

When Neal joined us again, Kristin said there were rocking chairs on the porch and could they sit on them. We were not sure if this was a private residence or a business. Neal started to check it out and came back with a "Yeah there is a man watching us from the front door." We'll take that as get out haha.

At least we got this image!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Lewiston NY



Leaves in December!

Kristin and John had their engagement shoot at Fort Niagara State Park and the Village of Lewiston area. John's kids came along for some family portraits to start off the session! Four boys! Holy cow! But they were awesome and so much fun. For this shot, we had them throw leaves up! We told them to throw them behind Kristin and John. We knew that wasn't going to happen. They were thrown right at Kristin and John and it was perfect. They did such a great job. And they had so much fun with it. They helped to create a beautiful image with so many laughs!


Buffalo Engagement Photographer: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Session: Fort Niagara State Park, Village of Lewiston



I love this image from Erica and Justin's engagement session!

They also had their shoot in the Village of Lewiston. But this looks completely different from the recent images you saw from Kelsey and Jarrett. We love shooting through trees or leaves in the foreground. The yellow leaves are so pretty paired with the colors of their outfits!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Session: Village of Lewiston



Kelsey and Jarret are getting married today! They are getting married at Salvatore's Garden Place Hotel.

One last image from their engagement session in the Village of Lewiston. I love when people bring a few props for a save the date. This was super cute. I love the black and gold. We hung it on a telephone pole and had Kelsey and Jarrett in background out of focus. I really love this!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Session: Village of Lewiston


Love & Laughter

Kelsey and Jarrett are getting married tomorrow!

We go back to their engagement session in the Village of Lewiston. We took a walk around the area and just stopped along the way. We came across these beautiful green vines and had to stop. Kelsey and Jarrett had such a great connection between one another. They were always laughing and smiling. 

We can't wait until tomorrow to capture their very special day!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Village of Lewiston


Chasing the light at Knox Farm!

We are taking you back to Tiffany and Colin's engagement session at Knox Farm State Park!

The sun was setting and we were in a hurry to capture it. On the way, the light was pouring in between the barns. We had to stop. Tiffany and Colin faced each other and they were glowing from the sun light. I love their shadows! I love the vibrant red color of the barn, mixed with the dark colors of the clouds. Then there is the blue from the sky peeking through. Everything works so well together and it turned out beautiful!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Knox Farm State Park



Erica and Justin's engagement session started out beautiful. There was no chance of rain in the forecast and it was pretty mild out. After an outfit change down by the Lewiston waterfront, the wind picked up, and it started to rain. We actually had a few minutes of snow at one point and it was right about the time this photo was taken!

We all made a decision to try and finish the shoot. Well, I am sure glad we did! This image is so cool. We only had Erica and Justin out in the rain for a few seconds and then they took cover. The only building with a roof was the Silo Restaurant. It did the job. Once Neal and I had lighting ready to go, we called them to run out. Erica and Justin had a lot of fun with it too! 

I love how the rain/snow mix is all lit up and Erica and Justin have big smiles and laughs. Thank you Erica and Justin for toughing out the unexpected bad weather!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Lewiston Porter High School, Village of Lewiston, Lewiston Waterfront 



Erica and Steve are getting married today!

This was taken on their engagement session at the Buffalo Outer Harbor! We did the shoot on their boat. It was so much fun too! They kept it pretty simple. "Neal, whatever you want us to do, tell us!" Steve positioned the boat anywhere Neal needed it to be. He was a great captain! 

I love this image with the Buffalo skyline in the background. Erica and Steve had a seat on the bow with their backs to us. They were just talking and goofing around and having a lot of fun. We asked for them to get really close, but with a little separation. 

With it being a such a beautiful day, the skyline was very clear. What a fun shoot!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Buffalo Outer Harbor