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We had such a fun engagement session with Kaitlyn and Dan the other night. We started off at Niagara Sqaure and ended up around the Canalside area. 

While walking around Canalside, the sun was beginning to set and the color of the sky was so pretty. We started walking toward the water and away from the hustle and bustle of the area. Well, little did we know, while passing the Naval Yard, it was a "Pokemon Go" party of people. I have never seen so many people on cell phones in my life, all walking around with their faces in ther phones!

Anyway, after making our way through the gamers, we made it to the boardwalk. Neal told Kaitlyn and Dan what he wanted for the shot and where to stand. Well, of course some tourists taking photos stood right where we needed to be. They were trying to take a giant selfie. Dan, being such a nice guy, offers to take the photo for them. They were so thankful. Little did they know, we really just needed them to move, before the colors in the sky vanished.

And here we are! We ended Kaitlyn and Dan's shoot with this gorgeoue image. And no, those are not bugs in the back. A giant flock of seagulls happened to fly behind them right as Neal started clicking! Enjoy!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Niagara Square, Canalside



Sorry for the delay Blog readers. The blog website is not cooperating with me lately and has been super slow. We believe the problems have been fixed. But better late than never, here are Sarah and Christina at Artpark State Park for their engagement session.

Sarah is very artsy! When we arrived to Artpark, Neal saw this mural and right away knew he wanted to use it for a back ground. Yes, it's loud and distracting, but we knew they would love it and appreciate it. Paired with a nice "prom pose" it worked out great. Sometimes that pose really does look good. It can be very intimate if a personal touch is added!

Sarah and Christina get married next week July 16! More amazing images to come from that!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Artpark State Park




I had to post one more from Kate and Rob's engagement session, since we are gearing up for their wedding on Saturday!

Like I mentioned yesterday, if you happened to pop in, their shoot was at a private residence. We had free range of the property. And there was so much to work with. 

We happen to come across this wooden pergola. Now, I know what you are thinking. Great, a pergola. Well, the reason I picked this image is because I really liked the location of the pergola. I love all of the foliage that surrounded it. And I like the well off to the side (at least I think it was a well).

To make it look a bit more fun, we shot it from a side angle instead of straight on.

Neal and I are so excited to photograph Kate and Rob's wedding this weekend! We had such a great time on their engagement shoot capturing these amazing memories. And now, more to come!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Locatin: Private Residence



Kate and Rob are getting married on Saturday! We had an amazing engagement session with them. It was at a private residence last year.

I love the back ground in this image. It is actually the roof of a barn that was on the property. Neal loves to find different textures. When we walked by this, I knew he would use it for photos. The hard part, was that it was the roof and we wanted them in front of it.

Good thing there was a table in front. After testing it to make sure it was safe. Kate and Rob stepped on up. It worked out great! The roof turned out to fill the entire back ground frame! We had Rob pull Kate in for an "almost" romantic kiss! I love Kate's reaction.


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Private Residence




Yes, Kaeleigh and Greg are getting married today at St. John the Baptist Church, with a reception to follow at Hotel at the Lafayette!

We are so excited to photograph this amazing couple once again. You can tell by this image from their engagement session at the Cobblestone District, that they have a lot of laughs. These two had smiles like this the entire shoot. They laughed and had such a great time. That made our job so much easier. We hardly had to pose. We just had to document!

As you can see, this is an action shot. We had Kaeleigh and Greg take a stroll. We wanted to see their reactions, so we didn't give any direction on this one. This is also a way to make people comfortable having pictures taken. And I think we got great natural reactions on this!

Congratulations Kaeleigh and Greg! 


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Cole's, Cobblestone District, First Niagara Center



We take you to another one of the locations from Nina and Greg's engagement session. This was at one of the private residences.

Why not celebrate with champagne! Greg actually proposed using these champagne flutes. One of them said 'Will you marry me" and the other said "Future Mr. and Mrs. Guenther." What a great idea! They wanted to incorporate them into their engagement session.

So, Greg popped open the champagne, and they had a toast by the fire. It was perfect timing as well. It was a little chilly, so they got a chance to warm up a bit too. The champagne helped too I'm sure!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Wilson Boatyard and Marina, Private Residence, Daisy Barn Campground



We are 100% kicking off our season tomorrow for Lindsay and Adam's wedding! Here is an image from their engagement shoot we did in Brockport!

Look at these colors! We were walking around the area and Lindsay mentioned a cute little park they would like some photos at. The sidewalks were lined with bright red and orange trees. The light was hitting this spot perfectly. I love how it looks with Lindsay's dress too! We asked them to stop and sneak in this little area. A nice smile for the camera!

We are so excited for tomorrow and can't wait to capture Lindsay and Adam's wedding. We are also pumped because Neal and I get to shoot this wedding together! We are currently booking separately now, but are still each other's assistant if the other is not booked. We are ready to have so fun with Lindsay and Adam!


PS. Just a quick reminder from the other day that we will be taking the weekend off from blogging during wedding season. Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday with brand new work!

Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Brockport NY



Rise and grind! It's Monday and everyone is back to work. Ugh Mondays!

Anyway, this past week we had an engagement session with Nick and Jill. We have had to reschedule 2 times due to the weather. Our original location was to be at Knox Park State Farm. Well, day of once again, the weather was not cooperating out that way. It was beautiful here in Buffalo, so we asked them if they wanted to head to Delaware Park or reschedule again. They were on board and we were shooting!

We had to select a location that was dog friendly because they were bringing their pup Bentley (you will meet him tomorrow). As we were shooting around the park, Neal noticed the cherry blossoms across the way at the Japanese Gardens. Now, we have never been able to do a shoot when they were in bloom, so we were pumped to head over there and take advantage! Nick and Jill were super excited as well.

It was so pretty! I love the colors in this image. We had Nick and Jill stand right in the middle of the trees so it created a tunnel of color! They loved it!

The rain held off until we finished and all got into our cars. Thank God!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Delaware Park, Japanese Gardens



Let's show you one more from Rori and Marc's engagement session at Knox Farm State Park!

This was taken at a part of the park we really never explored before. It was done at some horse stables. This area had a nice and rustic feel. Just what Rori and Marc were looking for. The pups were tagged out for this photo and hanging out with me, while Neal took advantage of this area. 

We had Marc lean in toward Rori for a nice, romantic moment. We wanted them to feel like they were all alone in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, all the dogs had eyes directly on mom and dad for this one. It was pretty funny. I am so happy Neal was able to get this beautiful image. Those cute dogs were such a distraction. We just wanted to play the whole time!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Knox Farm State Park



I mentioned in yesterday's blog, that Rori and Marc drove up this weekend with their 3 dogs for an engagement shoot at Knox Farm State Park.

Here are the 3 pups! Meet Gardenia, Ike, and Chloe (I hope I spelled the names right)! They were such great dogs. They were so calm and lovable.

We took a little walk trough the Park and found some tall grass. We had the whole family in the tall grass, while Neal took the photos through the grass. It's always tough with pets, especially to get them to look at the camerat the same time. And this time, we had to get the attention of 3 dogs! I would say we all did a good job! 

I love the lighting in this photo. I love the golden color that was cast on Rori and Marc! We told Rori and Marc to not pay attention to the dogs either. We would take care of that.

It was such a fun shoot with the dogs. They definitely got a workout and were fast asleep as soon as they got back to the car!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Knox Farm State Park