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Lindsay and Adam had their engagement session in their hometown of Brockport. They are new home owners and wanted to start their photos there.

They have an old and giant home with amazing woodwork that you just do not see often. A beautiful wooden stairway as well. We had them sit in one room and shoot through the door, almost spying on them. Not many homes are set up like this anymore. Adam and Lindsay were just chatting away and had some great laughs! 


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Brockport NY



Laura and Dan are back! Sunset in Lewiston!

It was just starting to get chilly out and we knew we needed work fast. The sun was setting and the colors were amazing. We put Laura and Dan on a wooden walkway facing the water and let the magic happen. They interacted with one another so well, it was perfect. With some added light on their faces, we got this beautiful image.


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Lewiston



Here is another image from Tiffany and Colin's engagement shoot at Knox Farm.

The weather was amazing and the couple was awesome! We were bound to get fantastic images. Knox Farm is huge. There is always a lot of walking involved when shooting here, but there are so many places to take advantage of. While walking around, we saw this giant puddle and the entire sky was reflecting in it. We knew we had to stop. Tiffany and Colin looked at each other and that was it! 

I love this image!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Knox Farm State Park



Tiffany and Colin had an amazing engagement shoot and Knox Farm! They had beautiful weather, followed by an amazing sunset.

This was the last shot of the night! The sun was setting and there were puffy clouds everywhere. Not 100% white and puffy clouds, but that did not matter. They definitely made the image more dramatic. It was time to get down on the ground in the mud to get this shot. It was so worth it.

Tiffany and Colin were so much fun to photograph. They had us laughing the entire time. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next year. It is going to be a blast!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Session: Knox Farm State Farm


Red Shoes, Red Doors

This is Lindsay and Adam. We recently did their engagement photos in Brockport NY.

The village of Brockport that we shot in is very close to SUNY Brockport College. So, it definitely had that college feel. But the store fronts and buildings were so cool to shoot in front of. We were nearing the end of the shoot when we spotted the red doors on a church. They really stood out. The doors would go perfect with their outfits. Because Lindsay had red shoes on, we wanted them to stand out in the image and tie in with the doors. That is why they are not standing on the top stair! That's the only direction Neal game them because Neal was shooting from across the street, so it was hard to yell directions over the passing cars. Lindsay and Adam became pro's at posing throughout the shoot and we lucked out that they were doing everything naturally.

I think they ended the shoot on a great note with their pose for this image!


Destination Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Destination Engagement Photo Locations: Brockport NY


My humans are getting married!

Sorry for the delay folks. We have had some technical difficulties over the past few days. However, Save the Date for Laura and Dan (and Moscsato)!

Laura and Dan had their engagement shoot around the Lewiston area. They brought their adorable dog Moscato to be a part of the photos. She was awesome and loved the camera! Treats worked well too! I love her little sign shaped like a bone with Laura and Dan's wedding date on it.

Laura and Dan were standing behind a bench with Moscato sitting on it. We had Laura and Dan try to ignore their dog and have a moment between themselves. We would get Moscato's attention. It was great! She looked right at the camera without us bribing her with treats.

Laura, Dan, and Moscato were so much fun to work with. We can't wait until next year to photograph their wedding!


Buffalo Wedding Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Engagement Photo Location: The Village Bake Shoppe, Village of Lewiston




Welcome to the Village Bake Shoppe in Lewiston! Laura and Dan began their engagement shoot at the shop! 

Laura and Dan are friends of the owner, so we got the run of the shop for photos. It was so much fun and smelled absolutely delicious! We had Dan behind the counter and Laura in front acting as though she was ordering. Don' they have the perfect outfits? I felt like we were in a small diner!

There were a group of regular customers enjoying coffee and dessert watching the shoot. Laura and Dan had their own audience. The customers comments of "ooh's and ahh's" only added to the joy and fun of the shoot!

Thank you Mike and Lindsay Fiore for letting us use the Village Bake Shoppe for this lovely couples' photos.


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Session: Village Bake Shoppe, Village of Lewiston



Here is another image from Kate and Rob's engagement session.

Their shoot was done at a private residence that had over 70 acres of land. We sure found some great spots for photos. For this image, they were stand at the end of a bridge. Neal was shooting at a lower level straight on at the couple. This was my angle. I tried to get as high as I could and shoot through some trees. I am not tall, so it wasn't too easy. But, on my tippy toes, I got this one. I got the leaves to frame Kate and Rob and it turned out beautiful!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Private Residence



This image is from Kate and Rob's engagement session. They are getting married next year.

We had a beautiful location at a private residence for their shoot. The property was amazing. We ended the shoot down by a creek that had a giant rock along the side. There were family stories and meaning behind the rock and rest of the grounds, so this location was great for them. We had Rob have a seat and Kate fall into his arms. They were having so much fun with it too. There were a lot of smiles and laughs.

Fall photo shoots are always so pretty. You can see the colors on the leaves in the background and it just makes this image more beauitful.


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio




Melissa and Justin are getting married tomorrow!

This is from their engagement session! We did some photos around Clarence Town Center. At one of the parks, there was a carnival being set up. They brought chalk boards and wanted to get silly! What a perfect spot to do this in the park.

Melissa told us what she wanted the boards to say and I wrote it in. Do not judge the awful handwriting. I did my best on the spot haha! Melissa and Justin have been together for a very long time, so Melissa said this image summed it up perfectly!

We can't wait to capture more amazing and fun moments at Melissa and Justin's Wedding tomorrow!

Congratulations Melissa and Justin!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Session: Clarence Town Center