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I had to post one more from Kate and Rob's engagement session, since we are gearing up for their wedding on Saturday!

Like I mentioned yesterday, if you happened to pop in, their shoot was at a private residence. We had free range of the property. And there was so much to work with. 

We happen to come across this wooden pergola. Now, I know what you are thinking. Great, a pergola. Well, the reason I picked this image is because I really liked the location of the pergola. I love all of the foliage that surrounded it. And I like the well off to the side (at least I think it was a well).

To make it look a bit more fun, we shot it from a side angle instead of straight on.

Neal and I are so excited to photograph Kate and Rob's wedding this weekend! We had such a great time on their engagement shoot capturing these amazing memories. And now, more to come!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Locatin: Private Residence



Kate and Rob are getting married on Saturday! We had an amazing engagement session with them. It was at a private residence last year.

I love the back ground in this image. It is actually the roof of a barn that was on the property. Neal loves to find different textures. When we walked by this, I knew he would use it for photos. The hard part, was that it was the roof and we wanted them in front of it.

Good thing there was a table in front. After testing it to make sure it was safe. Kate and Rob stepped on up. It worked out great! The roof turned out to fill the entire back ground frame! We had Rob pull Kate in for an "almost" romantic kiss! I love Kate's reaction.


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Private Residence




Here are Amanda and Frank! They are also getting married on Saturday. I have the pleasure of shooting their wedding with one of our assistants!

We did their engagement session at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens and then headed to Woodlawn Beach State Park for sunset. We got amazing weather for that day as well! Warm enough for Frank and Amanda to take a walk in the water. Time to take off your shoes and hike up your pants!

I asked them to hold hands and take a walk along the beach. When they got a little ahead of me, I had them stop and have a kiss. I love how Amanda is standing with her back to us, but you can still see her face.

Their engagement shoot was so much fun and I can't wait to photograph their wedding this weekend! Congratulations Frank and Amanda!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Buffalo Botanical Gardens, Woodlawn Beach State Park



Hi everyone! I am back today! Still trying to cope with these allergies. They are really taking a toll. But, the Blog must go on...(thank you Neal for posting yesterday)

Michaela and Aaron are getting married Saturday! What an amazing couple! Neal has the pleasure of photographing their wedding with one of our assistants, as I am booked separately that day (Check out tomorrow to see my couple). However, I did get to be part of Michaela and Aaron's engagement session.

We went to Niagara Square and City Hall for photos. They had a great night. It was a tad bit windy, but nothing too crazy. We worked around the entire area. As you can see here, this is not Niagara Square or City Hall. It was another building/mini courtyard across the street. The light looked so pretty on the buildings in the distance peeking through. Michaela took a seat and Aaron cozied up right behind her. And then a look off into the distance. Or, Niagara Square!

Congratulations Michaela and Aaron! I can't wait to see the wedding photos!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Niagara Square, City Hall



Yes, Kaeleigh and Greg are getting married today at St. John the Baptist Church, with a reception to follow at Hotel at the Lafayette!

We are so excited to photograph this amazing couple once again. You can tell by this image from their engagement session at the Cobblestone District, that they have a lot of laughs. These two had smiles like this the entire shoot. They laughed and had such a great time. That made our job so much easier. We hardly had to pose. We just had to document!

As you can see, this is an action shot. We had Kaeleigh and Greg take a stroll. We wanted to see their reactions, so we didn't give any direction on this one. This is also a way to make people comfortable having pictures taken. And I think we got great natural reactions on this!

Congratulations Kaeleigh and Greg! 


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Cole's, Cobblestone District, First Niagara Center



Hi everyone! When I posted photos from Nick and Jill's engagement session a while back, I forgot to show this one! Their shoot, if you do not remember, was at Delaware Park.

I thought this was so playful. We always wonder what kind of reaction we are going to get when we do something like this. We saw a really pretty area of the park that had bright yellow flowers everywhere. It was actually the only area of the park that was in full bloom!

We had Nick lay down and Jill on top. Now, I know what you are thinking. Pretty kinky right? Don't worry parents. We normally zoom in pretty close to their faces on poses like this. Everyone seems to laugh and have such great reactions. As you can see from Nick and Jill, they were having a great time.

I love how there is color in the foreground and background. The green is so bold in front of them. Then the bright yellow adds such a happy feel to the already happy couple!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Delaware Park, Buffalo Japanese Gardens



We take you to another one of the locations from Nina and Greg's engagement session. This was at one of the private residences.

Why not celebrate with champagne! Greg actually proposed using these champagne flutes. One of them said 'Will you marry me" and the other said "Future Mr. and Mrs. Guenther." What a great idea! They wanted to incorporate them into their engagement session.

So, Greg popped open the champagne, and they had a toast by the fire. It was perfect timing as well. It was a little chilly, so they got a chance to warm up a bit too. The champagne helped too I'm sure!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Wilson Boatyard and Marina, Private Residence, Daisy Barn Campground



Back to Sarah and Christina's engagement session at ArtPark State Park!

We started their shoot in the main area of the park, where they host concerts (Tuesday in the Park). They are such huge dog lovers as well. They both have dogs and brought them for part of the shoot. Meet Gator(left) and Chase(right). 

Both of these dogs just wanted to play. Or run and run and run (Chase). After they calmed down a bit, which only took a few minutes, Neal had this idea. At first, we were all wondering if both dogs would really sit on the rocks for long enough to get the shot. We had Sarah and Christina get the dogs situated on each side first. Then they sat down. We were all shocked when both Gator and Chase looked toward Sarah and Christina at the same time! That was it! Any images after that were just bonus. I know we did sneak one where everyone was looking at the camera. But I liked this one best!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: ArtPark State Park



I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all the mothers out there had a great Mother's Days! Neal and I were so happy that we were able to spend time with our moms yesterday and have a great brunch and dinner!

Well, it's Monday. And a great way to start your day is with an image from Nina and Greg's engagement session. The morning of the shoot did not start off too well. It was absolutely pouring out. But all forecasts pointed to clearing of the skies and sun. (You may have seen from the image of Nina and Greg Neal posted on Face Book last week with the amazing sunset). That is why we do not cancel shoots that early in the day!

We had the pleasure of shooting Nina and Greg's shoot at the Wilson Boatyard and Marina. On top of that, 2 amazing private residences and family owned Daisy Barn Campground. We had quite a bit to work with!

We were so happy when we got to the docks that a lot of people already had their boats in the water. We weren't sure if it was too early, since it has still been chilly. We had Nina and Greg face each other and have a kiss. Neal decided to shoot from another dock to capture their reflection in the water, the boats in the back ground, and the pretty sky! 3 in 1 bonus! And the final product!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Wilson Boatyard and Marina, Private Residence, Daisy Barn Campground 



We are 100% kicking off our season tomorrow for Lindsay and Adam's wedding! Here is an image from their engagement shoot we did in Brockport!

Look at these colors! We were walking around the area and Lindsay mentioned a cute little park they would like some photos at. The sidewalks were lined with bright red and orange trees. The light was hitting this spot perfectly. I love how it looks with Lindsay's dress too! We asked them to stop and sneak in this little area. A nice smile for the camera!

We are so excited for tomorrow and can't wait to capture Lindsay and Adam's wedding. We are also pumped because Neal and I get to shoot this wedding together! We are currently booking separately now, but are still each other's assistant if the other is not booked. We are ready to have so fun with Lindsay and Adam!


PS. Just a quick reminder from the other day that we will be taking the weekend off from blogging during wedding season. Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday with brand new work!

Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Brockport NY