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And now Frank and his guys!

Same location as the ladies at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. But, we decided to use the stairs instead. A bit less bright and airy. The guys were just as much fun to photograph as the ladies. A great wedding party! The guys had me laughing the whole day. It was actually a little tough to get them to give a serious face for a photo. As you can tell from the groomsmen on the left. He still has a giant smile. I love it! And look how fun their glasses are.

Frank got into "model" mode haha. Once again I didn't have to tell him how to pose. I think he practiced before the wedding! 


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Anthony of Padua RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Albright Knox Art GalleryDelaware ParkBuffalo Japanese GardensFoundry Suites

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Foundry Suites




Yes... Another image from Nina and Greg's wedding. But, Nina had her solo image last week. It's time for a shot with Greg and his guys.

The Lounge Bar at the Statler was open when we arrived. While Nina and her ladies got freshened up, we met Greg and the guys for some photos at the bar. Greg had given all his guys cigars and wanted a cool shot. What better place than the Lounge!

After moving a few pieces of furniture around, we had all the guys in position. From there, they just gave us their reactions on their own. They were really getting into it too. 

It is so nice to have the wedding party really into being in photos. Most of the time, the wedding party is ready to hit the bar. Good thing the guys were already having a cocktail when we came in to get this photo! They did a great job and helped us to create this amazing image for Greg.


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony Location: St. Louis RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: St. Louis RC ChurchBuffalo City HallNiagara SquareStatler City

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Statler City

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Signature Entertainment



Late post on a Monday. We were out of town and the internet decided not to work so well this morning. So, here we are now!

Here are Matthew and his guys at Tifft Nature Preserve. So, for the guys we needed to find a spot that was a little more manly than the Preserve. Lucky for us, there is an overpass that leads into the area. Neal took the guys "under the overpass" to take advantage of the stone work. He had the guys all stand casually, but with a serious face. They did a great job with the serious look too. Most people start laughing when we ask for no smiles (which is not often). They nailed it. I love the little guy and his pose is perfect!


Buffalo Wedding Photographer: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Pearl St. Grill and Brewery

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Tifft Nature Preserve, Pearl at the Webb



After working with Michaela and the ladies at Kleinhans Music Hall, the wedding party headed down to Silo City. This was the perfect place for Aaron and his guys. 

Aaron is a big fan of the industrial look. What better than railroad tracks and graffiti! This reminds me of an album cover. They all have that cool, but casual look. And so serious (even though, I think the groomsman on the right is smiling). But it still has a manly feel. 

Neal said the guys loved this place. And I hear the ladies did as well! Awesome photo!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Kleinhans Music Hall, Silo City

Buffalo Wedding Reception: The Mansion on Delaware

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Whirlin Disc Sound



Adam and his groomsman. Don't the they look cool at the Genesee Country Village and Museum.

Sometimes we need to step back and say,"We need to show an image of the guys." Sorry ladies, they need some love and attention too.

This was a great background for the guys. Nice and rustic. Pretty manly. It was the Boot and Shoemaker Shop. We like the guys to feel comfortable and not dread taking photos. We are always looking for great locations that will make them feel this way. Also, we try not to be so posey. There are only so many ways to pose a guy. We always say, "If you are a hand in the pockets kind of guy, stand that way." "Maybe Captain Morgan style." Be yourself and how you normally would stand if you were hanging out. Then we'll take it from there. I think they did just that!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: Christ Episcopal Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location and Reception: Genesee Country Village and Museum 



I love this groom and groomsmen image!

Jaclyn and Tim had such a fun wedding party! As you can see, it was a pretty big wedding party. The guys were a lot of fun! They were really goofy and up for anything. I wonder if you notice anything when you look at this photo?

The road is on a slope, decreasing slightly in height from left to right. But, that's not what I wanted you to notice. Each guy has his own spot in line. They are actually increasing in height slightly from left to right as well! Let's just say that it was really fun figuring out the height differences!

It was also really neat because Tim was the tallest of the bunch! It sort of resembles a bar graph! Neal shot this from across the street. Good thing the guys all listened well and stayed in their spots. We would have had to yell pretty loud for them to hear us!


Neal here, it's fun looking back at this image... Since there was a slight elevation to the street, Tim's bridal party varied in height. I thought it would be cool to have everyone the same height for an image so this was the time to do it! Notice the straight horizontal line at the top, the road is slightly downhill yet the groomsmens heads stay parallel to the top line. Fun yet difficult image to imagine and create!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Louis RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Buffalo Waterfront, Downtown Buffalo

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Pearl Street Grill and Brewery



Take a look at Ramin and his guys! They look awesome!

Rose and Ramin got married in December and it was a pretty cold day. The wedding party sure did tough it out though! And to add to the cold, it was super windy as well. They wanted to go down near the ice rink at canal side Buffalo for photos. 

This area was great for the guys. They had a little climbing to do, but they all looked so manly. We gave them some space and told them to look cool! We only said that to see what kind of reaction we would get from them. Guys will not admit it, but they enjoy being in the spotlight as well! I think they all did a great job too!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Canal Side Buffalo

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Delaware Mansion



This image is from January of 2011! It kind of looks like the past few days in Buffalo outside!

Deana and Michael had an extremely cold day for their wedding. But that sure didn't stop these guys from having some fun! I love when the guys are dressed in kilts. They always seem to have so much fun with it. This group of guys were silly and goofy and wanted to jump off of the stairs in Delaware Park. Why not? But please do not slip and fall when you land haha. 

Well, we were not expecting this to happen when they jumped. They really got into it and it was so funny. They did not plan out what they were going to do either. It all just happened. I love how Michael is doing a flying front kick. And the expression on the groomsman all the way to the right is priceless.

They did a great job toughing it out in the freezing cold, especially in kilts! 


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Mary's of the Cataract RC Parish

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Delaware Park, Albright- Knox Art Gallery

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Acqua (back then Harry's Harbor)



Today's image is of Gus and his guys.

Gus and Balon's wedding was at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville. While the ladies were finishing up hair and makeup, we took the guys for some photos. The lobby was a pretty cool area to work in for them. We moved some tables, set up some chairs and placed all of the groomsmen. Then you can see the 2 little ring bearers. They are actually his nephews. We had each one sit on one of his brothers' laps. All of his guys looked pretty cool. We didn't need to direct them that much. It felt like they had all done this before! All we did was turn it to black and white.

They always say the day is about the bride. But, the groom needs the spotlight too! We always make sure that he is front and center at some point (or more) during the day!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony, Photo Session, Reception: Holiday Valley

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Whirlin Disc Sound

Buffalo Wedding Floral: Blossoms N Treasures


A handsome gentleman

Today's image is from Ashley and Daniel's wedding from this summer. Some may think a wedding is all about the Bride, which is true but we also like to take some great portraits of the groom as well!

Ashley & Daniel had a classic theme to their wedding. They got married at a beautiful church, portraits at Shea's and the reception was at a beautiful private residence where a horse and buggy escorted their guests from the parking lot to the reception. We wanted to make sure that the style of the images matched the style of their wedding. 

Daniel looks great here. Neal did a sample pose for him and Daniel nailed it for this photo. Shea's is beautiful but the lighting can be a little tough to work with so we brought in extra lights. This image looks amazing in color but I think the Black and White tops it off and makes this portrait timeless!

It's funny that Neal and I were recently having a conversation about how styles from the 1970's & 1980's are coming back into style. We both agree'd that some styles from the early 1900's should come back into style. Those were the days when everyone dressed really nice everywhere they went. Well, we can only hope that Daniel's portrait here can start that trend!


Buffalo Wedding Photography - Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Portrait Location - Shea's Performing Arts Center

Buffalo Wedding Reception - Private Residence