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One last image (for now) from Nadeen and Gino's engagement session. This was also done at the Japanese Gardens. Just a bit off the beaten path.

We love Japanese Maple Trees. So, it was so great to see these giant Maple Trees in bloom. Look at the color! Nadeen and Gino look perfect in front of them. This image was just fun and no direction at all. It was the two of them in their own moment! With such a pretty back drop. I even love the lamp post off to the side!

I can't wait for their wedding in October!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Buffalo History Museum and Japanese Gardens



What a beautiful day we have for Nadeen and Gino's engagement session last week. It was the only day it did not rain. Thank goodness because Gino was coming in from out of town and we didn't have much wiggle room to move it.

We did their engagement session at the Buffalo History Museum and Japanese Gardens. We had to catch some of the cherry blossoms before it was too late. Luckily there was only one other photo shoot going on at the time. And it was one of our friendly photog friends. We both made sure we stayed out of each others way and we all got amazing images.

This is one of my favorites. Gino and Nadeen in their own world and surrounded by the cherry blossoms. And I love Nadeen's dress! It was perfect for this part of the shoot!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Buffalo History Museum and Japanese Gardens



Here's an image from Nadeen and Gino's engagement session at the Buffalo History Museum and Japanese Gardens!


We wanted to incorporate the cherry blossoms, but also the Museum. Why not a simple "walk in the park". We had Nadeen and Gino walk along the path, while we shot below the hill. It was a great angle to capture everything!

They look so cute and lot of fun interaction!


Buffalo Engagement Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Engagement Photo Location: Buffalo History Museum and Japanese Gardens




It's May 1st and we have an announcement!

We will be offering these "United We Stand" photo sessions now through Labor day. What a great way to honor those who serve our country or have a fun, patriotic photo session!

We had these cuties in the studio for our Spring Session and had them be our models for this new session. Their father serves in the military and was just deployed the day before their Spring photos. We had to do this for him. Mom even had a pair of his boots to incorporate. 

Neal has been wanting to offer something like this for a very long time. We just never made it happen. Until now! And I think now is more important than ever before. Contact us today and come on into the studio! Props are more than welcome! (uniforms, hats, boots, props etc.) We have a lot of furniture to match.

Thank you to all of our military, law enforcement, first responders, fire fighters, and all those who serve our country! This one is for you!!


Buffalo Patriotic Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Patriotic Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



Hey Monday...it's been a while. Neal and I have had a lot of things going on and posting has been really tough. Our creative juices are flowing and we are continuing to come up with awesome, new ideas. 

But, today, we say Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Vanessa and Anthony. Vanessa was our first, Disney bride you may remember. Well,their anniversary was April 14th. We are just finishing up their photo shoot (hopefully in time for Vanessa's Birthday on Tuesday).

For their photo session we went back to where the "Big Day" took place at Salvatore's Italian Gardens. We had, and always have a great time photographing Vanessa and Anthony. She wanted to go Roaring 20's style with outfits too. How fun! We can always count on Vanessa for a theme style shoot! And thank you to Anthony for going along with it too! 

Vanessa and Anthony have not been back to Salvatore's since the big rennovation and addition of the Delavan Hotel & Spa! They were amazed and so excited for the changes. It fit the photo shoot perfectly. 

This was one of my absolute favorites from the session. So fun for Anthony too! And hint hint, do you notice the pictures on the walls? We had to incorporate the amazing journey we have endured and captured with Vanessa and Anthony! We can't wait for the next adventure!


Buffalo Anniversary Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Anniversary Photo Location: Salvatore's Italian Gardens, Delavan Hotel & Spa



Spring was definitely in the air yesterday. The weather was amazing. I hope everyone got to enjoy the outdoors at some point! After the weekends Spring sessions and editing like crazy to deliver everyone's images by Monday, Neal and I enjoyed the day off and the weather!

Here is another gorgeous image from the Spring/Easter sessions at Neal Urban Studio. I love these girls! They were so cute! In between set changes, there was a lot of twirling! Well, I was twirling and Neal was moving the props.

This is one of our favorites from this session. Look at those smiles! And I loved their dresses. We didn't use that many props for this image. We kept it clean and neat. The vintage bike was perfect! All eyes on those cuties!


Buffalo Spring/Easter Session Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Spring/Easter Session Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio




Happy Monday! Meet Zoe! Can she be any cuter!? Zoe and family came to Neal Urban Studio for the Spring/Easter Sessions over the weekend.

Let's just say, this shoot turned into being all about Zoe! We started with some basic family portraits. We had a few outfit changes(for Zoe) and ended on a "doggy" cake smash. Zoe's birthday is coming up, so we had to celebrate with her. I can't get over that headband and tutu! There was no shortage of headbands and jewelry to choose from for this gal! (Her accessory bag was a giant tote)

This was the first image in the cake smash part of the shoot. She wasn't too sure about the cake(if you couldn't tell by her face). I love how Zoe is just staring at the cake. Her expression was so cute in this image, we had to share it!

And don't worry, you will be seeing more of Zoe!


Buffalo Spring/Easter Session Family Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Spring/Easter Session Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



I wanted to post one more image from Gabby(that's just one of the nick names she has) and Wendy's Spring shoot at Neal Urban Studio.

We were not planning on using the blue couch for the Spring shoots. But, Gabby is a King Charles Spaniel and it seemed fitting to bring it in for a picture. And she even has her own portrait on the wall. What royalty! Fit for a Queen! In this case, 2!

I love the interaction between Gabby and Wendy. Gabby just loves to be with people and loves attention. I mean, look at that face. How can you not want to snuggle!


Buffalo Spring/Easter Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Spring/Easter Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



So..... It's Wednesday. Middle of the week and I am sure everyone can't wait for the weekend. Today's images are from a personal project Neal wanted to do. Time to let the creativity flow! Neal had a fun fitness shoot idea he wanted to do. It ended up turning into a series of images!

The amazing Anna and Jordan! Look at those bodies! (I think I need to work out with Anna).Even though it was a photo shoot, they were still motivating Neal and I to stay fit. And in a really fun way. What an awesome couple to photograph. We had so much fun with them. They kept us laughing the entire shoot! 

We take you to a private residence, old school, personal gym! It was the perfect location for this shoot. I mean, come on. A Bowflex! Do people really still use those? A Gold's Gym workout poster! Anna and Jordan loved it! They even got a mini workout in!

For Neal, personal projects are always a must. It's a way to free the brain from stress and just let the creative ideas flow. It's not often we get to do things like this either. I am so happy that Neal's vision came to life! And we had so much fun creating it!


Buffalo Fitness Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Fitness Model: Anna Alvarado

Fitness Model: Jordan Marwin




We are back with Gabby and this time Neal at Neal Urban Studio!

This was definitely a time out moment for the shoot. Gabby just loves Neal and he can't get enough of her! Neal was shooting Gabby in the set. All of a sudden, Gabby strolled on over and jumped into Neal's lap. This is pretty normal when we are all together.

I told Neal not to move and grabbed the camera from him. It's not often that you see Neal or I in a photo. It was only right to capture this!


Buffalo Spring/Easter Sessions: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Spring/Easter Session Location: Neal Urban Studio