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Today we take you back to May 2016! This image is from Katie and Frank's wedding.

Katie got ready at her parents house. And what a gorgeous house it was. Look at how cute the hallway leading upstairs is! I love the color of the walls. The door leading out to a second floor balcony had so much light coming through. It was a great place to hang the dress. Katie's dress fit perfectly there.

We also thought this would be a good image to call mom in to help with the dress. Doesn't she look gorgeous! I just love this!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: The Conference and Event Center Niagara Falls

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Whirlpool State Park, Shelkolph Museum & Visitor Center

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Niagara Falls Conference and Banquet Center

Buffalo Wedding Videography: Nigh Video Production 







I know I have neglected the Blog this past week, but we were busy in studio creating this amazing set for our Spring/Easter mini shoots! 

We are so excited for this set! We were inspired by the TV Show Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I just love their farm style remodels and of course SHIPLAP!! I want to do something like this to our house (one day). Neal and I actually hung out in the set while waiting for clients to arrive for meetings the past few days! I almost took my book to the studio to read for a bit on those chairs Sunday!

We wanted to keep everything clean and neat for the set too. Everything is easily removable, so we can create some different looks for families. Neal posted some of our set ups on FaceBook Saturday if you want to check those out! 

If you have never done a photo shoot with Neal Urban Studio before, this is a great one to schedule for! We have a lot fun and you will get beautiful images.

The photos will be bright and airy and just in time for Spring!


Buffalo Spring/Easter Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Spring/Easter Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



Happy Monday! And we are back with Nora at Neal Urban Studio!

Nora is just too cute for words! Look at that face! I love her expression. She has a very surprised look on her face. But she still shows it off in an elegant way. I bet you didn't know a 6 month old could do that haha!

Nora did not want to let go of those beads either. She had a firm grip on them when I went to take them away. When I backed away we got this expression. So, I guess it was good Nora kept them.

I also mentioned Friday that Nora had her own wardrobe station. Would you look at this? We had so many outfit changes to choose from. Look at all the headbands!!! And those shoes!  I love it! My kind of gal!


Buffalo Baby/Family Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Baby/Family Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



It is Friday and it is gorgeous out! Hope everyone can get outside for a little bit and enjoy this weather! 

On Wednesday we had an amazing family come into Neal Urban Studio for a family session. Besides that, they wanted some "model" style photos for their 6 month old baby girl Nora. They are hoping to get her into some baby modeling.

Well baby Nora has it all. Look at this gorgeous little doll! What a cutie. She was all smiles the entire time. We planned on 2 outfit changes, but she was so good, that we ended up doing 4! Wait until you see the wardrobe station! (I will post next week)

Definitely more to come from this photo session! And I would say Nora is 100% model material!


Buffalo Family/Baby Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Family/Baby Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



Hello Michaela! Michaela and Aaron were married in the beginning of June in 2016 at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum! This was taken right outside.

I know I have only shown brides the past few days, but I keep coming across some great portraits that I need to share. I love this because it was taken by Alyssa, one of our assistants. She was working this wedding with Neal. She captured a great angle for this image. I love all of the vines and greenery on the building. Michaela looks amazing against the backdrop.

Such a stunning image of Michaela!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: The Mansion on Delaware, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo RiverWorks

Buffalo Wedding Reception: The Mansion on Delaware





Monday May Wedding! This is the gorgeous Victoria!

Victoria and James were married in May of 2016! What an amazing couple. So many laughs all day. Victoria got ready at her parents house. The living room was nice and big with a lot of window light for Victoria to get dressed in. Everything was moving along so smoothly and we were doing really well on time. We got to stay with Victoria a little while longer for extra bridal portraits at the house. Bonus!

After moving a few pieces of furniture, we cleared out enough space to get this beautiful dress shot of Victoria. I love the framing of this image, with the windows and drapery. The desk was a great piece of furniture that we had to keep for the photo.

Victoria gave us a great pose too. She knew exactly what we wanted. Then we decided to add her flowers to the desk for a little extra detail. I absolutely love this image!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony: St. Joseph's Cathedral

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: St. Joseph's Cathedral, Erie Basin Marina, Statler City

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Statler City 



Another throw back from April of 2016! Sarah and Aaron at The Mansion on Delaware.

While Neal and Adelle were shooting at The Columns Banquets, Shane and I were at The Mansion on Delaware. Everything took place at the Mansion. Good thing too! It started to snow really bad as the night went on. One minute it was sunny and clear as day, the next it looked like a blizzard.

Of course that did not stop us from going outside for one last photo shoot! We had everything ready to go. This was taken by Shane. I was shooting really up close and he went for a wider angle. I love what he captured. I like the placement of Sarah and Aaron and the Mansion as the backdrop. And I love the snow falling on the lovely couple!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony, Photo Location, Reception: The Mansion on Delaware




We are taking you back to April of 2016! Here are Allison and Daniel at the Ellicott Square Building!

Neal and I were photographing separate weddings that day, so I had no idea where he went for photos. Well, Allison and Daniel booked the Ellicott Square Building. It is such a gorgeous building to shoot in. The architecture both inside and out is amazing.

The grand stair cases are always a favorite to shot on. Allison and Daniel look stunning. With a little help from our assistant Adelle, Neal got some great veil action. It added a little extra fun to this image and more dramatic!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding  Ceremony: The Columns Banquets

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: Ellicott Square Building, The Columns Banquets

Buffalo Wedding Reception: The Columns Banquets



Lyla Odette Vidal Engaurran! Yes, LOVE will be the initials for this baby girl that is expected to arrive at the end of March!

What a great way to show the LOVE in this image. Sondra wanted something really cute for this. She asked to spell out LOVE and have her be part of the letters. Obviously the V is the easiest haha! To keep it Sondra style, we had her keep her heels on! Look at that little belly popping up!

This would be such a cute print on the wall of Lyla's room. This was such a cute idea and so happy that it will mean so much to Sondra and her hubby!

We thought this would be a great image to post for today! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Buffalo Maternity Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Maternity Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



Monday is here again! Today's image is from Nina and Greg's wedding. We just came across this and have no idea how I could have missed it to put on the Blog.

Nina at Statler City. Their wedding day was pretty rainy and windy. We all toughed it out for some photos outside and got some really great images. Then we went right to the Statler to take advantage of the inside, before guests arrived.

Look at Nina! She looks stunning. I love all the different angles and areas we used for Nina and Greg's portraits at the Statler. I really liked how Neal shot across the balconies, using the archways. We added some extra lighting to create a nice glow on Nina for this.

Another favorite!


Buffalo Wedding Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony Location: St. Louis RC Church

Buffalo Wedding Photo Location: St. Louis RC ChurchBuffalo City HallNiagara SquareStatler City

Buffalo Wedding Reception: Statler City

Buffalo Wedding DJ: Signature Entertainment