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We love doing night photography. Nearing the end of receptions, we like to take the Bride and Groom away for one last photo shoot. 

This image was taken in the courtyard of Samuel’s Grande Manor in Williamsville, NY. The reception was almost coming to an end and we noticed the Bride and Groom going outside to get some air. Luckily, the courtyard was specifically for the wedding we were photographing so we didn’t need to intrude on another couple, which we would never do anyway. Neal and I decided to test out some lighting against the fountain. It looked amazing. All we needed was the couple for the finishing touch!

We placed lighting behind the fountain and had the Bride and Groom sit on the ledge in front. We also had some extra lighting directly on the couple to brighten up their faces. Neal took a series of shots with them looking at us, looking at each other, and then having a kiss. All of them looked beautiful. But the kiss really captured the couple in the moment. It seemed as though they were in their own world, not in a courtyard at Samuel’s. We got it! 

What a great way to end a beautiful wedding with an amazing Bride and Groom! 


Buffalo Wedding Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Ceremony - St. Joseph's of Niagara Falls, NY

Photo Session - Niagara Square of Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Wedding Reception - Samuel's Grande Manor



Wow! I know what you’re thinking, “A guy with a sword at a wedding”. How crazy is that?  Well, it did happen, among some other amazing things.

This reception was one for the books. It took place at Asbury Hall in Buffalo, also known as “Babeville”. The Bride and Groom had the guests sitting on the edge of their seats. The couple are very into the arts. The Bride is a belly dancer that travels all over performing. The Groom is a videographer that films many of these performances and helps bring them to life.

It all started before we even got out of the car at Babeville. In the parking lot, there were fire twirlers, also called POI. It was amazing to see in the middle of a downtown Buffalo parking lot. We could only imagine what the rest of the night would be like. During the announcement of the bridal party, there were belly dancers leading the way. Then during dinner, the lights dimmed and out came performers using neon light hoola hoops and swinging around neon light ropes. The reception hall was glowing. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, a guy with a sword comes out. He was swinging them around and doing all sorts of crazy acrobatic moves. People were in awe. You can see the Bride and Groom in the background watching in amazement. I was a bit scared and stayed further back. Neal was all over the dance floor trying not to get sliced by the swords to get some great images. He was head on with the swordsman when he took this shot. What an awesome image! All that was going through my mind was, “Oh my God, don’t slice Neal in half”.


Buffalo Wedding Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Cermony location & Photo Session - Delaware Park

Buffalo Wedding Reception - Asbury Hall

Buffalo DJ - Premier Sound

Buffalo Videography - Candlelight Productions



This is an angle you don’t see often for a wedding ceremony! But it’s pretty cool! Thank you to one of our awesome assistants, Leah, for capturing this image.

This wedding took place at the Barton Hill in Lewiston NY. The ceremony was on the balcony. There were three of us shooting this wedding, so we all needed to try to get different angles. The space was not very big either, so it was time to brain storm and figure out a way for all of our images to look different.

After a few minutes, Neal noticed there was another balcony above the ceremony spot. Neal thought it would be great to put one of us up there during the procession. He asked Leah if she was up for it. All she needed was to figure out how to get up there. The Barton is also a hotel, so Leah went upstairs and noticed there wasn't public access. Little did we know, the balcony above were private to the guests who booked those rooms. Leah traveled downstairs to the lobby to see if she could have room access but all rooms were booked. Leah came back up the the second floor to give us a status update. Not giving up, Leah went back up to the thrid floor anyway and knocked on one of the doors. She explained to the guest that she was photographing a wedding and would love to grab a quick shot from above. The guests were so nice and let her in. They even stayed out there to watch the ceremony! Leah got quite the work out going up and down the stairs but the shot was well worth it!

As you can see in the image, Neal is at the front of the aisle capturing the procession. I am getting a shot from behind the Bride in the doorway and Leah is above. You can even see the mother of the Bride and a guest behind the judge who wanted in on the action too with their iPhones/iPads! But the person who got the best shot was Leah. Great shot Leah!


Buffalo Wedding Photography byNeal Urban Studio

Buffalo wedding Ceremony & Reception - Barton Hill Hotel & Spa, Lewiston NY

Buffalo Wedding DJ - Shy Guy Shawn of Kiss 98.5



If this image does not put a smile on your face, than I don't know what will. It is great for a Monday!

This little guy was amazing to photograph. He is one year old and a bundle of fun! Most of the time working with little kids is tricky because it takes awhile for them to get used to us and their surroundings. Not for this guy! He was smiling from the time he got into studio until the time he left.   

Before the shoot even took place, we were throwing ideas around with mom. We told her our vision and she absolutely loved it! A week before, we needed to test out the bubbles. At home, I was experimenting with all different kinds, baby friendly of course. They were not lasting very long. So, we tried good old dish soap. And it worked. Mom was completely fine with it and said she uses them for the kids to play with all the time. 

While Neal was shooting some basic portraits of the baby and his big brother, I excused myself to start making the bubbles. We do not have a private restroom in studio, so I had to make them in the public restroom. The women who walked in asked if I was doing a science experiement. My response was, "Nope, just making bubbles". It took about 10 minutes to get the amount we would need. Walking back to the studio with a bucket of bubbles was pretty interesting too. I was just praying I didn't drop any and have to start over.

Neal was all ready and had the baby set up for the shot. For lighting we used natural light coming in from our HUGE windows that are facing the Northeast which is beautiful light for photography, we also used bounce boards on the other side of our subject to keep it natural as possible. All I needed to do was fill in the bubbles. This little guy was having so much fun and didn't want to get out. It was such a fun shoot, we didn't want him to leave.

This image is a great way to start your Monday!


Buffalo Baby Photography by Neal Urban Studio



Everyone is feeling Spring in the air. (Well trying to). This is a time where people get bright, new, fun outfits and want to show them off!

We had the pleasure of photographing these two cuties in their colorful matching dresses in Neal Urban Studio. After we got some basic portraits, we decided to have some fun with these sisters. We have a bed for photo shoots in studio and the little girls kept eyeing it. After we cleared it with the parents, we asked the girls if they wanted to jump on the bed. They were ecstatic! Neal was set up with his camera facing the bed. I stood to the side of the bed incase the girls got too crazy jumping. We told the girls to have fun and jump. Neal kept clicking away to see what would happen. We got more fun images than we thought. We loved this image the best! They are having so much fun. Just look at those faces. The one sister definately got some air!

When all was said and done, the girls looked exhausted. It looked like it was nap time! Mom and Dad said they were going to bring them by every morning to tire them out!


Buffalo Family Photography by Neal Urban Studio 



Let's face it, the weather in Buffalo needs to change.  It's time for the snow to melt and feel the sun on our skin!  

We were in the bridal suite at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore Maryland.  It was about 20 minutes before the ceremony and the Bride was ready to get married.  We were just documenting behind the scenes and there was a giant window with beautiful light coming through.  I asked the bride to stand in the window and hold open the curtains.  With a slight glance down to her right shoulder, and snap snap!  That was the shot!  The rays of light hit the Bride and she was glowing.  We turned it to black and white because it brings out more emotion on the Bride's face.  But you still get the feeling of the Bride getting kissed by the sun!


Neal Urban Studio



One of the only parts of a wedding that cannot be controlled is the weather, especially in Buffalo. It could be 60 degrees one day and snowing the next. Just like the past few days.

It was gloomy and rainy on and off the entire day for this wedding at the Yodelers Lodge, in Ellicottville. The Bride and Groom knew there was nothing they could do about it and went with the flow. We assured them we would get something really cool and not to worry. The reception was coming to an end and the couple was having a great time with everyone on the dancefloor. So, Neal decided to take a walk outside and see if there were any awesome shot ideas. He grabs me and says he needs me to test out a shot before we get the couple. It starts pouring out and makes the idea even better. Neal wants the couple outside with an umbrella in the rain. It's sounds cliche, until the finished product!

We talk to the couple and tell them our idea. They are ready to tough it out and trust Neal's judgement. Neal and I get set up first. Neal has his camera and is ready to shoot, while holding an umbrella over himself covering the gear. I am ready with lighting and umbrella over myself. The newlyweds get into position and we get to work. Neal says it all looks great but, "Danielle we can see your umbrella. You need to lose it". Great... I knew the image was going to be awesome, so I couldn't argue. I threw it aside and got drenched. Let's just say the hour and a half ride home was not too comfortable. But the end result was amazing!


Ellicottville, NY Wedding Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Photo Session & Reception - Holiday Valley

Buffalo Wedding DJ - CJ Sound



This beautiful staircase is located at the Avanti Mansion in Buffalo,NY. It is a great venue for a wedding. In this image, it is being used for the bridal party to process into the ceremony.

Everytime I see this image, I think of a grand ball taking place in a giant mansion. In this case the Avanti Mansion! It seems as though the little girls are being announced into the party like princesses. It could be the biggest moment of their childhood. They were actually the flower girls in the wedding party.They were to walk down each side of the staircase and meet at the bottom. Without falling!!! I was facing the stairway head on in between all the guests. I had the shot in mind before the ceremony started. I was just hoping that none of the guests got in the way. Very nicely before the ceremony, I introduced myself to the few guests in the aisle and told them my vision. They all thought the idea was beautiful and respected that I had a job to do. I got set up and the flower girls did the rest! And an awesome job I'll say!

If there is a really awesome shot we want to get, we have no problem talking to people to make it happen. We want to keep a good relationship with everyone and not step on any toes. We are there to get amazing images for the couple! And it worked out great here! 


Buffalo Wedding Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Wedding Ceremony & Reception - Avanti Mansion

Buffalo Wedding DJ - Toy Bros.



Time to wake up and get back to work!  That’s not the case here.  Benny the dog is all dressed up for the big day, but doesn’t want to move off the bed. 

For this bride, her dog is the love of her life.  Well, besides her fiance, Nick Salvatore, of course. All she wanted was a photo of her dog with her Valentinos. Women, I know what you are thinking.  How can we put Valentinos anywhere near a dog? Our first reaction was, “I think Benny looks mad, take out the shoes immediately”.  Then he starting dozing on and off and we realized this little guy was just sleepy. It couldn’t have worked out better.  All we needed to do was put the shoes next to him.

You always have to be ready to snap the photo while working with pets. You may only have their attention for a split second. In this image, Neal was ready to take the picture while I got the dogs attention. Treats work well too!  The room had great lighting, so there was no artificial light to distract the dog.  Even after Neal got the shot, Benny did not want to move.  I guess it was time for a nap!


Buffalo Wedding Photography by Neal Urban Studio

Ceremony - Church of the Assumption, Buffalo NY

Buffalo Wedding Reception - Salvatore's Italian Gardens

Buffalo Wedding Videography - Bella Star Productions

Buffalo Wedding DJ & Uplighting - CJ Sound

Wedding Shoes - Valentino


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