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A Brand New package!

This is Maks! He came for his photo debut a few days ago to Neal Urban Studio.

He was just a little guy at about 5lbs. He was a great sleeper! We decided to bring in some different textures for his shoot. We found an old wooden pallet in our building and placed Maks in a flat basket. Because he was wrapped up all snug, we chose a more rustic style blanket to put under him. Maks did not want to keep his hand inside the wrap either. Whenever we tucked his hand inside he would immediately wake up. He automatically put his little hand up near his head. Why fight it? He looks so adorable and cozy that way!


Buffalo Newborn Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Newborn Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio



Here is sweet baby Nicolas! He came to visit Neal Urban Studio last week. 

Nicolas was such a curious little boy and did not want to sleep. All he wanted to do was look around and be a part of the conversation. Can you blame him! Even though he did not sleep too much for the shoot, we did get a few with him starting to doze off (before those gorgeous eyes snapped open)! His daddy is a huge baseball fan! He brought in some of his baseball things for us to incorporate. Nicolas looks so peaceful! I love it!

We got some great images of baby Nicolas. He was such a cutie!

I love when parents bring in some personal items for the shoots. Besides our creative ideas, we can use things that are meaningful to them as well!


Buffalo Newborn Photography: Neal Urban Studio 



This is baby Conner! He came to visit Neal Urban Studio this past week for his newborn photos. He was such a good boy too!

We had the pleasure of taking the photos for his parent's wedding last year. His father is an attorney, so we thought it would be fitting to incorporate something business like for them. What better than a leather brief case and some old vintage books!

Besides myself and Neal, we had Sarah, our baby whisperer, help with the photo shoot. She is so good with babies. Conner was a good sleeper, so it was pretty easy to position him. All we had to do for this shot, was lay Conner in the brief case! I wish I could say all newborn photos were this simple. But we got lucky!

This is just too cute!


Buffalo Baby Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Newborn Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio




Meet baby Joe! Isn't he adorable?! Baby Joe and family came to Neal Urban Studio this week for newborn photos.  

This image would not have happened if Laura's(babies mom) mother did not suggest bringing these model cars. Great idea grandma!

Baby Joe's father, Joe and Laura's father are really into cars. They are restoring an old Corvette at the moment. It was so great to incorporate these into the photo with so much meaning behind it.

We had the cars all set up and it was time to bring in little Joe. Let's just say he wasn't cooperating very well at first. We can't blame him for not wanting to sleep, look how cool and colorful those cars are! But we were determined to make this happen. Sarah, our cousin who helps with the newborn shoots got the baby to calm down and get back into a deep sleep. These kinds of images are usually done in a sequence of shots. Both Sarah and I would have to hold up the baby on both sides so he didn't fall over. Then move our hands at different times when Neal told us. However, baby Joe was perfectly still and asleep that he stayed right on the car without us holding him. No trick photography here folks!! Thanks to baby Joe Neal got everything in one shot!

Love it! We can't wait to get baby Joe back in the studio for his 1st birthday shoot!


Buffalo Newborn Photography: Neal Urban Stuidio

Buffalo Newborn Photo Location: Neal Urban Studio




Meet baby Raymond! We had the pleasure of doing his newborn photos yesterday at Neal Urban Studio!

He was a little gem! He was such a good little sleeper for the entire shoot! Most of the time, it takes an hour or so to get newborns to sleep for these shoots. Not Raymond! He fell asleep right away. He was named after his mother's grandfather Raymond. He served in the military and this image is done in honor of him. This was the flag that was given to the family after his passing. 

We love to have images that have stories and meaning behind them. It is great to capture memories that will get passed down from generation to generation. 

We thank Grandpa Raymond for serving our country and to Baby Ray, "You were such a joy to photograph!" We can't wait for your 1 year photos!


Buffalo Baby Photography: Neal Urban Studio

Buffalo Baby Location: Neal Urban Studio




We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! Little Matty came by Neal Urban Studio for some newborn photos and we thought this we perfect for today!

What a doll Matty was. He was so tiny. His father Chad is a football fan, so we wanted to incorporate something cool for him. I bought him a little knitted newborn football helmet. He was swimming in it haha. We already had this set up in mind before they arrived. Now it was time to execute. We had one of our photographers, Erin, helping us on this shoot. We set up the scene with the vintage American Flag and an old army trunk in the background. We needed baby Matty's head laying on the football. This was tough. Neal was directing Erin and I on where we needed to be to support Matty. This was all done in whispering and hand gestures. We didn't want to wake up the baby! We looked pretty funny to the parents. With Erin and I supporting baby Matty's head on eash side, we got the job done!

This shot did take a bit of post work, because Erin and I were slightly in it. But the extra work was 100% worth it. Neal turned it into a beautiful shot with a vintage feel. It was exactly our vision! And his parents Katie and Chad loved it. We can't wait to do more photos with this precious guy!

Thank you to all the veterans and those presently serving for protecting our country. Happy Memorial Day!


Buffalo Newborn baby Photography - Neal Urban Studio


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